Shag Documentary Shag Documentary

Shag Documentary

I like Shag, but I hope this documenatry is better than its trailer:

  • Adam

    Allow me to be the first to ask: why?
    I mean, his stuff is alright, but hardly documentary worthy.

  • The beginning of that trailer was gawdawful. The rest…typical documentary style.

    I like Shag’s work. He seems like a nice guy. Hope the documentary is indeed more interesting than the trailer lets on.

  • Don

    Timeless?? TIMELESS??

  • Great for Shag and all but, damn if this seems like a horrible documentary. There’s nothing really of substance. A bunch of people who don’t know how or why they’re talking about art just saying how “cool” Shag paintings are. (Which they are. But I don’t need a filmmaker telling me this for an hour and thirty minutes.) On the plus side, Patton Oswalt is pretty funny.

  • I like Shag! He’s one of my favorite artists from right before the turn of the millennium, and one of my influences.

    Of course, I would like to see this documentary, but the trailer could’ve been composed better. Three words for these guys: Get Adobe Premiere (unless that’s what they used). (And I agree with Chris; Patton Oswalt was really funny in the trailer!)

  • Adam

    “There’s nothing really of substance.”
    This is a common complaint about the artist in question, so perhaps it is fitting.

  • “shot and chopped” is right… It seems like the filmmaker went through a lot of trouble booking high-profile interviews (and partying at gallery openings), but put no care into the production. Shag seemed pretty humble himself though, which made the trailer bearable. I really liked the stuff he did for the Disneyland 50th Anniversary. Hopefully this film doesn’t ruin him.

  • Jason D.

    Probably one of the most overrated “artists” of recent times.