An Interactive Architectural Projection An Interactive Architectural Projection

An Interactive Architectural Projection

Two things stand out about this architectural mapping piece by Paris-based 1024 Architecture which debuted in Lyon, France last year:

1.) The building deformations were audience-controlled via a microphone and an audio analysis algorithm.

2.) Unlike most architectural mapping projects that use abstract imagery, they turned this building into an identifiable character, kind of like a real-life Monster House.

(via BB)

  • jordan reichek

    that’s insanely neat.

  • jordan reichek

    now that i think of it, if they could do that in burbank to a chili’s restaurant, i’d definitely go see it.

  • Not to be a party pooper, but they do this kind of thing to Cinderella’s castle almost nightly at The Magic Kingdom in DisneyWorld. It doesn’t have the auditory level of interaction, but it does show random photos taken of the park goers that day, so there is some element of interaction.

    They make the peripets of the castle blast off like a rocket and Mickey / Donald / Goofy run around on scaffolding and do visual gags ala “Clock Cleaners”. All projected no stage actors. Vines grow up the castle, the castle moves like this one, etc.

  • This is awesome! They did something like this a few years ago at City Hall in Toronto, where they projected animation that made the building look like it was crumbling and being submerged in water. This takes it to a whole new level though.