“MÖBIUS” by Eness “MÖBIUS” by Eness

“MÖBIUS” by Eness

I think it’s really exciting when animation breaks the confines of the rectangular screen and shares the physical space around us. MÖBIUS by Melbourne, Australia-based design and public art installation firm ENESS is among the more impressive examples of “environmental animation” that I’ve seen. It’s described by its creators as a “collaborative stop motion sculpture”. Dozens of people were required to animate the 21 triangular structures around Melbourne’s Federation Square over a period of six days. The ‘making of’ vid below gives a sense of the project’s scale.

Credits after the jump:

Produced By: ENESS
Concept & Design: Benjamin Ducroz
Production: Steven Mieszelewicz, Nimrod Weis, Benjamin Ducroz
Music: John Bartley
Nicole Schembri
Shiva Lai
Chris Newbury
Michael Stevenson
Hamish Storrie
Lauren Bezzina
Abby Woods
Lem Ozinger
Vanessa Vanselow
Adam Templeton
Alan Want
Kate Want
Jing Hui Yeo
Casey Kukolja
Erika Siabatto
Ed Bullen
Lucy Clone
Lorna Pettifer
Blythe Mary
Chris Cooper
Mario Krajewski
Edan Weis
Veronica Carrasco
Yochai Glick
Simone Kaplan
Asaf Weis
Yuno Maekawa
Jacob Pinto
Emma Schulman
Bernard Winter
Carla Turco
Huw Millar
Nick Found
Luke Farrugia
Peter Siemienas
Lucinda Aitchison
Sarah Cartledge
Rachel Wilson
Julian DeBono
Monika Batchelor
Sarpreet Dhindsa
Stephen Luke
Pat Dowling
Sarah No
Leath Mattner
Michael Couacaud
Andre & Russel

  • that was brilliant. hats off on that one. great concept and simple too… my goodness, I feel like doing something.

  • Andrew

    it reminds me of those old seasame street animations. neat!

  • I’ve always enjoyed seeing replacement animation. But it’s remarkable on a large scale like this.

  • Paul N

    Remember when you used to have to wait for the Tournee or Spike & Mike to come to town to see cool animation like this? (Yeah, I know most of you don’t, but you did…). Love this, and love that we have the interweb to watch stuff like this whenever we want.

    Now, off to Facebook to link to the video…