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24 Hour Toons

Disney Feature animation artists Joe Pitt and Alex Hirsch have started an animation blog project, 24 Hour Toons. Every other week, on Fridays at midnight, they put up a theme and challenge their colleagues to make a animated film about it within the course of 24 hours. They’ve only had a couple rounds so far but the results are intriguing and fun – for example:

  • Thanks for posting this Jerry! All these guys are great talents (and people for that matter) to work with and deserve the spot light!

  • Newton Minow

    A spud? I was SO expecting Sylvia Plath.

  • Haha Lots of inside jokes, but it still made me laugh!

  • Thanks Matt so much and thanks to all of you “Brewers” for your interest and support. And a BIG thanks to Jerry for giving us great recognition and support as well! I can’t wait for next weekend to make another film and greatly look forward to seeing all the new film submissions. Seeing all the new films on Sunday morning is like opening the best Christmas gifts ever. It wouldn’t be what it is and will be without all of your creativity and support, so THANKS!

  • ted

    Cool! Some friends and I from the Vancouver animation industry had the same idea recently, but instead of 24 hours, we took about 3. Yay cartoons!


  • AdrianC

    I can honestly say I did not predict the ending.

  • hahahahah It really cracks me up. Perfect timing.

  • And I thought the 8 month schedule on my film was aggressive!