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A Few Good Blogs

Three good artist blogs you can’t go wrong with…

Alberto Mielgo

Alberto Mielgo is among those animation artists today whose work really excites me. He works in the London commercial scene, both on live-action and animated spots, such as this recent Guitar Hero piece. The kitchen illo above is a concept for a cereal commercial. He’s also working on a graphic novel called The Asparagus Seeker which looks stunning.

Pat Smith

New York director/animator Pat Smith has launched a blog with the goal of giving people “a glimpse into the life of an independent animator in New York.” Pat’s one of those people who’s not afraid to speak his mind so I expect we’ll be seeing plenty of interesting entries from him. He has an eloquent opening missive in which he discusses his passion for the art form:

I love animation, but I’m not the biggest fan of the type of animation that is ingested in mass, supplied by the majors in this industry. I like animation to be a bit more personal, have some gravel in the gut and spit in the eye. On a technical level, I like to see animation with texture and soul. I never think about CG, don’t desire to work with those techno puppets. I like to draw, I like to create a real drawing with a pencil on paper. artwork that exists when the power is out, that exists as more than 1’s and 0’s. I like smudges, I like the bottom of my hand to get graphite on it.

Alberto Mielgo

I’m not sure why I’ve never written about David Gemmill‘s blog because he certainly deserves a link. His voluminous “hipster studies” posted throughout his blog provide as accurate a portrait of contemporary LA types as anything I’ve seen. Plus he does story posts with lively sequential drawings (like this or this), as well as producing the occasional piece of Flash animation exclusively for his blog. Good stuff all around.

  • RR

    Nice, thanks for the new discoveries!

    Speaking of blogs, don’t forget Don Hertzfeldt’s (why hasn’t it been listed at right yet?) It appears to be the longest-running animation blog on the Internet. Dates all the way back to March 99, and details all his productions along the way. Priceless stuff!

  • David’s great! He taught himself how to do funny animation and he’ll be in great demand right around the corner when studios will scoop up every funny animator they can find. Funny full animation is coming back!

  • Wow, David Gemmill seems like one angry, frustrated (and possibly mean and homophobic) guy. I’m all for giving hipster their due, but perhaps he should turn his pencil inward for a while.

  • RR

    I like to draw with a pencil and paper too, but honestly, I don’t like the smudges and I definitely don’t like the graphite clinging all over the edge of my hand. As a matter of fact, I recently bought a new product called SmudgeGuard just to solve the problems stated above. It’s been great. If you’re like me, who wants a cleaner hand then you can google it. There’s a plus too – my sweaty hands can actually glide better on paper now after using this product. =)

  • Pat Smith’s got a blog now! That’s exciting. Pat is an interesting guy to know, and his animation is very distinct.

    And this guy, David Gemmill, has some very insightful information. It’s like a theory corner for character design.

  • Jorge_Garrido

    My man David!! He’s awesome! I’d like to see more animators producing cartoony flash animation themselves, instead of waiting around for the studios to take notice. His animation has influences from Chuck Jones, Jay Ward, and Bob Clampett.

  • RR

    “Wow, David Gemmill seems like one angry, frustrated (and possibly mean and homophobic) guy”

    Yeah I wasn’t all too impressed either with that guy, he kind of comes off like an ass. And those caricatures look like the sort of generic things the dudes down at the boardwalk whip out.

  • RR: Don Hertzfeldt has a blog? Whatsit called? i’m a big fan.

  • RR

    “RR: Don Hertzfeldt has a blog? Whatsit called? i’m a big fan.”

    His website is, with the blog at

    Be prepared for a lot of addictive reading, all 9 years of it are archived!

  • Sean

    I saw Pat Smith at the Lake Placid Film Forum two years ago, and was really impressed by his shorts and knowledge of the form. It’s cool to see his stuff getting attention here.

  • RBlair

    Thanks for the links! Three great blogs. Very excited about the Pat Smith blog, his first several posts are interesting and inspiring.

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