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Alan Light’s photos on Flickr

The co-creator of Superman, Jerry Siegel (left), and Warner Bros. cartoon legend, Bob Clampett (at right), at the 1976 San Diego Comic Con. Photo by Alan Light.

Alan Light has posted a bunch of his comics fandom photos on Flickr. These include snapshots of Mel Blanc, Daws Butler, Stan Lee, Chuck Jones and others. My, how times have changed. Here’s Light at his dealers table at the ’76 con… where are the crowds?

Light was a comics fan who created and published (out of his basement) two important fanzines in the 1970s, The Buyers Guide For Comics Fandom and Film Collectors World (both are still published today, as Comics Buyers Guide and Movie Collectors World, by other publishers). Light’s photos are quite nostalgic to anyone (like me) who remembers going to the conventions, or getting his publications, back in the day.

  • Rick Farmiloe

    WOW!! What great fotos!! It sure brings back some great memories for me. I didn’t move to L.A. from the Bay Area until 1978, but meeting Bob Clampett was one of the first things that happened to me! He was really a hero of mine (and still is). He and Sody (his wife) and their kids were wonderful to me. They treated me like one of the family. Bob was one of the nicest, most giving guys I’ve ever known. We stayed good friends until his passing in 1984. The first time I actually met him was at a Science Fiction Convention in San Francisco in 1977. He had on his blue jacket with all the Warner’s character patches. He did his Beany and Cecil show and showed some of his Warners cartoons! Damn, I sure miss him!!
    Conventions in those days were for the really hardcore cartoon fan…..long before it became the marketing tool for big studios it is now……Se la Vie

    BTW, I used to subscribe to Film Collector’s World before it became Movie Collector’s World. It used to be a great magazine…as did The Big Reel……

    I’m getting too nostalgic…..I’m going to flop in the corner and have a good cry…..then a good martini to cheer me up!!

    thanks for rekindling some nice memories!


  • Brandon Pierce

    Wait… THAT’S Bob Clampett?! At first glance I thought it was Ringo Starr!

  • Tom Minton

    Cheer up, Rick! Jerry Lewis is still alive.

  • RR

    Love it! I wasn’t even alive yet and it makes me nostalgic :)

  • “Wait… THAT’S Bob Clampett?! At first glance I thought it was Ringo Starr!”

    Naw…it’s Roy Orbison!

    Anyways, nice to see some pictures of these guys when they were somewhat younger. A lot of them of course didn’t get much mainstream recognition until they were very late in their careers/lives or had died and there was obituaries to do, so you only saw pictures of them as really old men.

  • Dan Jeup

    “Wait…THAT’S Bob Clampett?”

    Hell, I thought it was John K.! Just kidding John. ; )

    As for my pal Rick, don’t be too upset, I know who you’re having those martini’s with. Say hi to your swingin’ buddies Robert Evans and Warren Beatty for me, will you?

  • John Field

    The good ol days of Comic Con. Now it is as far removed from the show’s original spirit as it could get.

    The now “Boat Show” atmosphere is daunting to say the least. C.C. was never about what Hollywood was cranking out next. It was about meeting, complimenting and enjoying all of the comic arts. It was a pleasure meeting and hosting film presentations for Mel Blanc, Chuck Jones, Bob Clampett and others. I have a great Bob Clampett story for you. I was in charge of “Special Film Presentations”. Which meant, I was sharing my 16mm films with the patronage of the show. I did a tribute to Mr. Clampett and he presented several of the films he brought as well. I proudly announced that up next we would be showing a cartoon that has been banned for years. Mr. Clampett whispered to me: “Would that be Coal Black & De Sebben Dwarfs”? I answered yes, and Mr. Clampett said: “Could you wait till after I leave?”. !!!! I of course respected his wishes, and when shown C.B. got the biggest reaction in a totally positive way I have ever seen!

    Until a certain female that will remain nameless, decided that “We do not want to use film collector’s prints, because we might be sued” (Which when translated meant: “I can’t control you as easily as others”) you could actually see the rare and unusual. She ended that long ago. Goodbye TOONS AT WAR, UN-CENSORED CARTOONS, ROCKY AND BULLWINKLE THE MOVIE etc. etc. etc.

  • R

    Ringo Starr nothin’, that’s international lounge singing sensation Tony Clifton!

  • Rick Farmiloe

    Tom Minton….Thanks for the Jerry Lewis crack…you sure have a good memory!! TOO good!!! Dan……Hopefully, we can hook up at ComicCon. Maybe you can join Amanda and I for a few belts or dinner? I may be seeing Robert Evans tomorrow night, as a matter of fact. I’ll give him your best! ;-) John Field is so correct in comparing the ComiCon to a ‘boat show.’ Funny! It was nice when only really hard core fans attended and you could just walk up and have a conversation with some of these legends. But times change, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing….. At one of Bob Clampett’s Christmas parties I met Hugh Harmon, Rudy Ising, Grim Natwick, and several other animation pioneers. It was so cool because most of the Warner Brothers cartoon directors were still alive and kicking (and not just each other). Pretty heady times…..I wouldn’t trade those experiences for the world!

    BTW, that WAS Bob Clampett’s real hair!!! He did die it black…but he was the original owner. So there!