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Andreas Deja has a blog!

I repeat, Andreas Deja has a blog! Go there now. Deja View. Bookmark it!

(Thanks, Ed Himmel)

  • moritz


  • Matthew Koh


    I hope more well-known animators will have blogs like him.

  • Oh MY GOD!!!!!!!

  • Jonah Sidhom

    Awesome! Definitely bookmarked.
    I just listened to the podcast Speaking of Animation did with Andreas Deja in 2005 just a few days ago. He sounded like a great guy, very knowledgeable. He said at the end of the podcast that he would love to come back for another podcast and speak about the Nine Old Men, but I don’t think he ever got the chance. I was disappointed because I wanted to hear what he knew about them, but now I’ll still get the chance!

    • Read Walt’s People, it’s all there. There’s a bunch of Andreas Deja interviews in there as well. :)

  • Gene

    I hope his first entry is an interview with Glen Keane!

  • !!!
    Went there, bookmarked it! Thank you so much for heads-up, Jerry!

  • Cool.
    Into the RSS feeds it goes.

  • Pieter

    This guy may even talk about how he almost tripped over a loose tile in the floor of the Disney Studios, I’d still be interested.

  • The Brewmasters should add this blog to the “Sites We Like” section. I’ll definitely be checking this out on a regular basis!

  • Christopher Ryan

    I’ve never had the opportunity to start reading a blog from it’s inception, this is awesome! Hopefully it goes on for a very long time.