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Animated GIFS by Zach Cohen

Tel Aviv-based animator Zach Cohen posts one new animated GIF loop every week on his Tumblr Ye Animated Git. There aren’t a whole lot of them posted yet, but the ones he has made are creative and fun.

  • wow. this gives me a great idea.

    also, how cool is the immediacy of vision that technology allows us nowadays? So guessing he did this in flash w/ a gif export? anyone know?

    • Jonah

      What’s your great idea? You can just go and say that and not tell us.

      And what do you mean by “immediacy of vision”?

      • if you have a good idea you should execute it not tell people about it :)

      • Ah you’re right, I guess I was just typing out loud and thinking “duh, you should do that too, it looks neat and fun”, “great” was definitely a verbal mistep. Apologies.

        Oh, and immediacy of vision is basically a doodle can turn into a cool animation real quick nowadays which I find super awesome. No buying expensive equipment and such like back in the day. For instance, I’m screen printing shirts. I have an idea (or vision) and print it up almost immediately and it’s done and out there you know? Not a lot of hurdles other than the $10 it cost to rent out the studio space and a couple bucks for shirts and such, neat right?

        Another way is like if you have a cartoon idea (or vision) and draw it up and it’s done almost immediately. Maybe I should’ve phrased it as “Excited!!! Do thing fast that in head! Cool!!!”

        For example:


        See, so like that drawing/idea is silly at best, then, some minimal effort (5 mins, it took 2 mins just to get my voice memo right) and BAM!!! Extra silliness :D

  • amy

    thanks for posting these, Amid! It’s a really great reminder of how good a simple, short, hand-drawn animation can be.

  • They’re all pretty fun over on his Tumblr. Followed! These would go great with some tempo-appropriate music loops. Of course then they’d have to be something other than GIFs!

  • Really fun, great style.

    Nice thinking to have one a week… I’ll be tuning in
    to check out each one. :)

  • Mic

    LOVE this. Thank you.