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ASIFA-East Interviews

David Levy has launched a new monthly interview feature on the ASIFA-East website (Levy’s the president of the New York-based chapter). The first three are now posted: a conversation with Jake Armstrong (The Terrible Thing of Alpha-9), a new interview with veteran Howard Beckerman, and a discussion with independent animator Biljana Labovic. Levy’s one of my favorite writers and these interviews with the leading lights in the New York animation community are must-reading. Bookmark this.

  • The Gee

    That’s great.
    This is the type of thing which should be done more for not only independent animation but for the industry in general. That’s what is great about what the Guild is doing with its interview series, too. There’s a lot to know about the ins and outs and the history of the industry. If Asifa-East is helping to round it out, that’s cool. Hopefully the other branches can do the same.
    If I had to point to a downside on it the vanity aspect. It isn’t like some who could be interviewed wouldn’t deserve it but hopefully any and all interviews ANYONE conducts are worth documenting and preserving. But, I suppose that depends on who is interviewing and what for.

    It would cool if you guys kept track and made these types of interviews, including print ones, easily available. If not CB, some site should have a central depository. I could see AnimationMeat doing it, too (hinthint).

    • The Gee

      To clarify that a bit:

      A downside would be the *potential* for showcasing vanity. By that I mean it is usually better to have a person like a Barrier or someone else conduct the interview of someone they believe has something darned interesting to say. The vanity aspect would be where the interviewer is *way* too close to the person being interviewed and sort of fluffing things up a bit or letting things slide a lot.

      Obviously, there’s stories throughout animation history that show there’s two sides to every story and it would be best to have interviews, recorded panel sessions, recorded roundtables, articles and stories which are as objective as possible. Not that spontaneous BS sessions by animators and others in or who have been in the industry isn’t entertaining or informative. Don’t get me wrong.

      • Matt D. Lee

        Right on.

  • Awesome :)

    I’ll be looking forward to these each month!

  • Yes, it’s great to hear some wonderful stories from some of the wonderful talent on the East Coast who are sometimes overshadowed by their more flashy brethren from the West Coast ;)