Cartoon Brew parody Cartoon Brew parody

Awesome Cartoon Brew parody

Cartoon Brew parody

Regular readers of Cartoon Brew will get a kick out of this. Bob “BobServo” Mackey of has concocted a thorough and thoroughly hilarious parody of Cartoon Brew. It’s funny because, dare I say, it’s true. Apparently we’re pretty hardcore about this whole animation thing. Be sure to check out page two of the parody for a snort-inducing commentary by “John K.”

  • lol, the john k commentary is brilliant!!

  • The Wally Gator post is so much fun

  • Chuck

    The memorial to the obscure cel-painter gets my vote! I’m loathe to admit it, but the parody of the Song-of-the-South controversy got the most yuks out of me.

    He nailed Amid, Jerry, John K. and all of us cartoon geeks pretty good. Thanks for posting. We all need this from time to time!

  • Corrado (Anthony)

    Very funny parody. Best parts were the DEAD-ON John K parody and the ending. If you’ve read his blog posts, it’s exactly like that with his examples of modern cartoons which he despises.

  • Weekend Web on Something Awful is always something to look forward to. They do such a nice job at mocking pretty much every popular website in existence. And the “Flash Tub” section is funny as hell as well.

    The chapter for the “Wally Gator” DVD made me double over in laughter.

  • Oh man, that was FUNNY!

  • A slice of fried gold!

  • Thorny


  • Danielle

    Yeah, I’m the third person to say this, but that was brilliant! I was laughing out loud the whole way through.

  • Mr. Woah

    That was awesome. Speaking of the Flash Tub, didn’t they already parody John K.?

  • I don’t think they really “pegged” Jerry’s writing style or personna, but the rest of it was pretty funny.

    Too bad we couldn’t read all 1,052 comments for the “Family Guy” post…

  • GhaleonQ

    Something Awful can do little wrong, in my eyes.

  • Mr. Woah: Yeah, here it is.
    They’ve got this place spot on! =D

  • A little harsh on John K. I thought, but only because it was so accurate!

  • That made my day. Nothing like a great laugh to start the day…

  • Relevent

    I have to say, I laughed at how accurate it was. And the John K. part was the closest to the original. I could barely tell the difference. I mean, take out the self-aware, effacing comments and you have it.

  • I read that last night. Great parody, especially the disturbingly accurate John K section.

    My favorite bit: The title of Leonard Maltin’s book “Please Ask Me About Cartoons!” I’ll be thinking that title every time I boot up a Treasures DVD from now on.

  • John’s post of April 11th with Hercules and Tim of Finland is lot more biting and funnier than their parody of it. I love the contrast in styles between Amid and Jerry, but they totally missed it.

  • Graarg

    That was brilliant. Take THAT yah fogies!

  • The John K part was parody?

  • Looks like someone took the Aqua Teen Hunger Force bashing to heart. Still, pretty funny stuff. Onion worthy.

  • Bad Actor

    Any website that regularly mocks furries and features the brilliant flash-animation of Dave “Shmorky” Kelly is alright in my book.

    Yeah, that’s probably how we look to people who don’t share our obsession. I can appreciate it and, more importantly, I can laugh at it!

  • Oh, God, that was really funny and on-target! Especially the John Kricfalusi commentary! (The cartoon GagaMan posted with parodies of John K and Katie Nice was just so wrong, but quite funny!)

  • A pretty funny parody. The John K. bit toed the line between being humorous and being downright mean, though.

  • Jim

    Leonard Maltin’s book, Please Ask Me About Cartoons!….

    Holy crap that’s funny…

  • Shmorky

    It was pretty mean, but only a true fan could have come up with such an accurate parody. Bob is a great writer!

  • chazwazzum

    i don’t get it.

    everything on that animation site made sense to me. i’d kill my own mother for a Wally Gator box set (and no, a $599 price tag won’t scare me off).

  • Brilliant. Freakin’ brilliant!

  • Hilarious. Absolutely freaking hilarious. And yeah – you know I have a soft spot for a good rant at John K’s expense.

  • Mr. Semaj

    Some of the parodies are mean, but it’s all spot-on satire.

  • They hit the nail right on the head, here. Though I’m surprised they didn’t do a number on foreign films (Mr. Mackey could have had some real fun with say Mind Game or Russian Winnie the Pooh.)

  • BrianB

    Goodness. That was awesome. Love the Wally Gator and John K posts. The best bit was Rocket Ramjet at the end being heralded.

  • “Leonard Maltin’s book, Please Ask Me About Cartoons!”

    HAHAHAHAHA! Great parody page, indeed. This was definitely snort-inducing, MIDI…I mean Amid.

  • Esn

    Ouch… brutal!

    I agree that a “foreign animation” post by Amid was conspicuously missing, though.

  • TheVok

    Wow, you know Cartoon Brew has really ‘arrived’ when it of all things (and I mean that in the most loving ways) gets spoofed so thoroughly … and so well. Amazing.

    In my case, though, what’s now happened is that Cartoon Brew has made me aware of Something Awful, rather than the other way around ….

  • Lee

    Brilliant, sheer brilliance.

  • It’s interesting that he used fake names for Jerry and Amid, but used John K.’s real name.

  • tom

    Here’s another cartooning-related Something Awful page that makes me laugh ever time I see it. I’m laughing to myself now.

  • ZOMG!

    Man, have you guys been pwned.

    Given the “nigger” joke, will they now have to apologize to Al “Why the f** am I not in jail?” Sharpton?

  • That was freaken hilarous. They got John good and I can’t stop laughing about “Lil’ Nigger”.

  • Well that pretty much summed up the few problems I have with the Brew (or any blog of such nature). It just so happens that people who have access to the best news and materials are usually elitists as well. Of course I mean that in the best way possible. *shrug*

  • John K cracks me up. He’s like a the big stinky Ann Coulter of animation. (except ok, he has a little talent) – My point is, that Johnny has made a career out of declaring himself the biggest and bestest.

    He “pioneered” flash animation techniques that are still used to this day! (At the time the GD George Liquor program and all his other stuff was being done, the whole world of flash animators were laughing about how bad the animation was, and how little John and co really understood flash. Lots of key poses, over use of the symbol squash and stretch. Horrifyingly bad. Good story, good content, horrible use of the technology.

  • The funniest thing to me is that John K. almost certainly DOES think that Roger Ramjet has better designs and composition than The Incredibles. My biggest point of departure from him in terms of my own opinions on cartoons is the issue of “blandness” – he’ll call something generic, bland, depressing, unappealing, etc. and half of the time I agree with him, but when I don’t I feel like I’m reading something that would make the Marquis De Sade’s collected journals seem perfectly sane. If the animation on The Simpsons is so contrived and lifeless, how come I can spend an entire evening slowing down Krusty having a heart attack and laughing myself sick? (Don’t even get me started on pointing out the “Scribnerisms”, because I’ll do it, goddamn it, and you’ll be stuck at my house until dawn.)
    Then again, I can spend twice as much time trying to turn fellow Golden-Era Simpsons enthusiasts on to Ren & Stimpy, Clampett and Avery. So I’m stuck in a weird position when I read the blogs – I appreciate good writing, design, animation and social commentary, and I value them all equally. But the only way I’m ever going to convince anyone that a script can help a cartoon rather than hurt if the writers are talented is if I do it myself, and I hope to do just that sometime after college. I blame bad writers. Boring, lazy schlubs who are bad at what they do and thus ruin the cartoons they work on just like they ruin EVERYTHING they work on. The Simpsons is written and then storyboarded for the same reason that some of Hitchcock’s movies were written and then storyboarded: It’s not an official part of the traditional process, but it can do wonders for you if you’re commited to making it work and not letting one department confuse the hell out of all the others.

  • zavkram

    Oh, man… I was laughing so hard my eyes were tearing up. I LOVED the 1966 Disney mock-interview (“What? I’m on my deathbed!”), especially “Clarabell Cow Eats a Straw Hat”!