Bimbo in Israel Bimbo in Israel

Bimbo in Israel

Not sure if Max Fleischer would approve.

Bimboim’s Trip to the Western Wall has screened in New York, and film festivals in Belgium and Israel, originally as a silent film accompanied by a live Klezmer orchestra. Directed by SVA/Pratt student Mor Erlich (aka Mornography).

  • So, where’s Cab Calloway?

  • Bryan:

    There wasn’t a cab, so Bimboim took the bus.

  • That was painful. Don’t they learn pacing at SVA/Pratt ?

  • I’ve spent years listening to “bim-boim” (pronounced bim-bahm) choruses at Jewish holiday gatherings—and I think of Bimbo every time I hear the phrase. I’m glad someone else thought of him, too.


  • Rick Farmiloe

    What a piece of crap!! Lousy animation, bad storytelling…and told at a snail’s pace!!! I’m usually on the screening committee for the Academy and sit through a lot of bad shorts. This ranks right up there….or DOWN there as one of the worst. I can guarantee you if this is screened at our screening next year, everyone would be reaching for the flashlights to stop the projector about 3 minutes into this! Whew!!


    I can’t believe I waisted even five minutes watching this crap…does that make me an antisemitic? I hope not… Animation has been used to communicate all sorts of messages. Sell products in an evil capitalistic society. I’ve even heard of Islamic plagiarists using Micky Mouse to instill hate for Americans …. It’s amazing people use it this way… But you made me watch “Bimbo”on a suicide bus in Palestine? Arrrrrgh!
    He’s cuter when he’s looking up Betty’s dress. And far more entertaining. Let’s leave this sort of thing alone. Shall we?
    Hated it!

  • Lute

    Shalom. That stank.

  • I thought it was more like “art video” pacing, which is looser than the seven minutes of a classic cartoon short. And that way you can also see that it’s a personal take on things, or at least “personal” as meaning it’s the point of view of the character, with paranoia added in. Maybe see it from the very stylised view of Bimbo, (as in “Bimbo’s Initiation”) and old cartoons with their stereotypes and unleashed ids. We still have to make up our own minds, but perhaps the most egalitarian of us might get caught on a suicide bus, and what does that do to our beliefs?