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Blog Round-up: Cleuzo, de Sève, Smith

Sandro Cleuzo

Haven’t done this in a while, so here are a few artist blogs worth your time:

Animator Sandro Cleuzo’s blog is just over a week old, and it’s already filled with rare material, including work from unproduced Disney projects like Sweating Bullets and My Peoples. His credits also include Fantasia 2000, The Emperor’s New Groove, Tarzan, Home on the Range, Enchanted, Anastasia, Curious George, Asterix and the Vikings and the upcoming The Princess and the Frog. Check Sandro out at his cleverly titled Inspector Cleuzo blog.

Illustrator and Ice Age character designer Peter de Sève is also new to the blogging scene. I found it interesting to read a personal perspective on his forthcoming monograph, which I announced here last week. Visit him at

Dexter Smith has been working in animation since the groundbreaking Batman, the Animated Series. Since then, he’s worked on Superman, Samurai Jack, Johnny Bravo, My Gym Partner’s a Monkey, Clone High, Freakazoid, and a bunch of other stuff. I liked seeing the artwork and hearing the development story about his personal project True Romance. More at

  • Thank you very much for posting these new blogs . . . the talent level and quality of their work is incredible. Peter de Seve. Yeah, enough said . . . he is on the top of the heap.

  • Excellent choice especially Cleuzo. I think from your word a lot of people will find these great artists.

  • Sandro is an incredible talent! Easily one of the greatest animators working today, and the TRUE heir to Milt Kahl’s mantle. He is the real deal, and one of the nicest guys you will ever meet.

  • ron to

    great blog Dexter!

  • Dexter Smith

    Hey BREW!! Thanks for listing my Blog, NOW everyone at the studio hates me, cause they think I’m all special and stuff.
    Damn you Cartoon brew!! ( I keed, I keed !)