Brew Radio on Wednesday Brew Radio on Wednesday

Brew Radio on Wednesday


Brewmaster Jerry Beck will be broadcasting again, live on Shokus Internet Radio this Wednesday June 13th from 4pm to 6pm Pacific time (that’s 7pm to 9pm for you in the Eastern Time Zone).

Stu Shostak and I will be discussing cartoon history, animated TV shows, and the upcoming DVD releases of classic animation. If you have a specific question you want answered, call in during the broadcast toll free (888) 746-5875. If you miss the show, it’ll be rerun for the next seven days at the same time. Tune in!

  • uncle wayne

    and how I adore that radio!!

  • Hopefully we will be able to hear you, Jerry! I think Shokus radio exploded the last time Earl Kress and Mark Evanier were on. It kept kicking me off and the audio was terrible/choppy.

  • Bill Field

    OK Jerry- I hope to tune into Shokus and buzz youse during call in-
    It was a truly a memorable experience calling into the show last time w/ you and Keith. You are really getting a larger and more varied piece o’ airtime in the last couple of years, you have made folks aware of releases of vintage and world cartoons- why you even let me know in a post in CR that I’d been “Don Hosed” after creating what became 6 episodes of “The Don Ho Cartoon Show” for MTV, never airing, so I may never have even known a show ever exsisted featuring my design and concept. So you see why I’m grateful for all you report, on a personal level– I shutter to think what the animation community would be w/o you, Amid and the Brew!
    “Well, it’s just too scary-to even think about-ooooh I just scared myself it’s so scary!” -Count Floyd