Brew Radio Today! Brew Radio Today!

Brew Radio Today!


Brewmaster Jerry Beck will be broadcasting again, live on Shokus Internet Radio today, Wednesday August 22nd from 4pm to 6pm Pacific time (that’s 7pm to 9pm for you in the Eastern Time Zone).

Stu Shostak and I will be discussing the Popeye DVD, Terrytoons, Harveytoons and upcoming DVD releases of classic animation. If you have a specific question you want answered, call in during the broadcast toll free (888) 746-5875. If you miss the show, it’ll be rerun for the next seven days at the same time. Tune in!

  • Goodness Jerry, I believe that’s your Mickey radio with Olive in the picture below this post!

  • Bill Field

    Terrific Info, as usual. A really good history of Harvey Comics, Paramount, and Harveytoons! But crud- There’s No Escaping OLD MACDONALD!!! AIEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!! Thanks For the Trivia Contest, I’ll really enjoy the WW Collection– Again, JB, thanks for the 2 hours of pure cartoonformational greatness, really great background and Thanks for the Title facts, AND SECRETS!!!! Bwahahahaha!Jerry you need to be a weekly broadcaster– you really speak succinctly and illustrate cartoon segments vividly in our minds — because you rarely have any cartoon audio-as accompaniment or clip for what you’re talking about- you paint a good picture in our minds! Thanks again, Jerry- another show well done!

  • Great show, Jerry. Those two hours flew right by.
    What’s the story with the “Old MacDonald” caller? That was a bit… strange.