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Cinematic Titanic


Slightly off topic, but fans of Mystery Science Theatre 3000 and Cartoon Dump will appreciate this news.

Original MST3K writer/performers Trace Beaulieu, Frank Conniff, Josh Weinstein and Mary Jo Pehl have re-teamed with creator Joel Hodgson to create a whole new movie spoof comedy machine, Cinematic Titantic.

Details on this new show will be posted on Joel’s new website as it develops. Frank and I are still producing Cartoon Dump, and Joel (as “Dumpster Diver Dan”) is still part of the regular Cartoon Dump cast at our live shows each month. I wish the cast and crew of CT the best of luck with this new venture… consider me your number #1 fan!

  • I…I…I think I’m going to cry. This is the best news I’ve heard since reading about how Ben Stiller’s last movie bombed.

  • Paul N

    It was too much to hope for, and yet now, here it is!

    Can’t wait!

  • My inner MST3K nerd just died and went to heaven.

    I really hope this becomes another Rifftrax. All right, these guys don’t have Mike Nelson’s Head Writer Skillz on board, but still a sterling cast of original Best Brains :)

  • Bruce

    Yay Joel!

  • In other very related (and appropriate) official MST3K news, the Bots are coming back in animated form!

    Check out this pic.

  • Was there a rift somewhere inside MST3K? Mike Nelson and a few other ex-mistys are doing a direct to DVD series called THE FILM CREW, where they basically do what they did on MST3K, but without the silhouettes and puppets. They’re pretty funny for the most part but more PG-13 and sometimes more tasteless than the old show… This new show seems to be exclusively made up of the other half of the gang… I wonder if there’s any chance they could all get together again…?

  • So THIS is the exciting news Joel had in store. I am glad to hear about all this, anything involving the original MST3K cast is fun to hear.

    That whole upcoming “Animated adventures of MST3K” that Jim Mallon is cooking up though sounds like a train wreck though.

  • The thing is that Jim Mallon owns the ‘rights’ to MST3K and the characters, so he’s the only one allowed to use the Bots and the SOL and Deep 13 etc. I think there was a falling-out between Jim and everyone else, but don’t quote me on that.

    Film Crew and Rifftrax are as close as we have to the original MST3K, it remains to be see whether Joel & co. will be able to match Mike, Kevin & Bill.

  • hmmm…

    This is sort of like when members and ex-members of The Temptations re-united into several different groups and toured against each other using the “Music of The Temptations” name.

    Kinda strange that the MST3K’ers have all gone Motown on each other’s butts, but that’s ok. I enjoy reunion tours.

  • Great news! We’re talking fried gold dipped in chocolate news! Now if we can just get STATICAL PLANETS and THE TV WHEEL out on DVD all will be right in the world.

    (And with all this MST3K related stuff in the air, I think I better get off my butt and finish that article on the MST3K Movie I’ve been working on…)

  • Jay

    It’s going to be very strange, having separate elements of MST3K spread out over different media.

    In one corner, you’ve got Joel, Trace, and co. riffing on movies while, most likely, doing wacky inventions and Joel-style skits.

    For slightly-more-adult riffing, you can turn to Film Crew and watch Mike and co., which I’m guessing is a bit more two-fisted than Cinematic Titanic will be.

    And while watching your CT webisodes and Film Crew DVDs and Rifftrax audio, you can watch Flash-animated versions of Gypsy, Crow, and Tom Servo — without Joel or Mike.

  • Re: ‘I think there was a falling-out between Jim and everyone else, but don’t quote me on that.’

    Yeah I’ve heard a few reports regarding relationship tension between Jim Mallon and the rest. He tried to sue Mike Nelson over “The Film Crew” because the premise was too similar to MST3K. The Film Crew DVDs were emant for 2005, but didn’t get released until 2007.

  • ned

    i hope its better than rifftrax,like actually being in front watching the movie like mst3k

  • Matt

    I’m very excited about the news but it would be nice if the CT and RT/FC teams got together and secured the rights from Mallon to just do new direct to video MST3K. It’s a shame to see them competing and Mallon’s flash project sounds like a lame excuse to get people to look at an online gift shop. He could probably make more money by licensing MST3K to Joel and/or Mike and taking a cut from their sales.

  • Charles A.

    Joel Hodgeson created MST3K and Jim Mallon bought the rights and has destroyed it.

    I hate Jim Mallon the rest of the crews should join together and unite in sueing Jim Mallon to get the rights to Joels brilliant creation back.

    Damn You Jim Mallon either give Joel back is show or die and leave it to somebody who cares about it.

  • DG

    Well – technically, Joel SOLD his ownership of MST3K to Jim Mallon when he left the show. There is a difference.

    And Jim didn’t destroy it. He just let it bleed to death instead of trying to breathe new life into it.

    The embarrassment of a new website ( is more of a half forgotten image of the beauty of what once was.

    The show was never about “the bots”. It was about the gang riffing films and having fun doing it (when it was supposed to be an “experiment” they were being subjected to). The puppets were cool, but not the focal point. It was the people that made it great.

    What Riffrax, The Film Crew and now Cinematic Titanic are doing is carrying on the legacy of what was truely great about MST3K.

    I can’t wait to see what wonders we have in store for us from Joel and the gang. The way I see it, there are still tons of bad movies (both new and old) waiting to be riffed. The more the merrier (and we all benefit in the process).

  • Ninjew

    Let’s not forget the great work at – where Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett continue to make fun of bad movies.

    You download the mp3 commentary track for the movie you want, sync it up with the DVD of that movie, sit back, and enjoy!

    I too am looking forward to seeing the finished product for Cinematic Titanic.

    Between CT and RiffTrax, we’ve got our MST3K back with double the pleasure!