FLIP #10 FLIP #10

FLIP #10


There are a lot of good things in latest issue of Steve Moore’s online animation magazine, but the best may be Nancy Beiman’s recollections of working with Jack Zander. Flip #10 is now up. Go!

  • Nancy B

    Thanks, Jerry. Dean Yeagle’s promised to write some more about Jack in the next issue of FLIP! and since he writes as well as he draws, it should be quite a fun read.

  • Nancy B

    By the way, Greg Ford tells me that Jack Zander also animated the really nice footage of the Toonerville Trolley in the second clip.

  • Killroy McFate

    Steve Moore’s funny and painful “Hearts and Hammers ” shorts are featured this month as well. Dysfunctional relationship hilarity at it’s finest!