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Is it possible to have an animation magazine about animators, written by animators, and edited by an animator?

It is… and animator Steve Moore is doing it. The first edition of FLIP: Lifestyles of the Hunched and Goofy is now online. The debut issue features an interview with Nancy Beiman, a profile of Jeff DeGrandis, James Baker on his drive-in movie memories, a feature on Blue Sky designer Mike Knapp, book reviews and more. Moore is doing this as a sideline hobby, and has no idea what he’ll put in the next issue. Let’s hope he can keep it going—it’s quite refreshing and deserves our support.

  • I love it, but the jump page at flipcover.php was hard to find. (I kept backing up to the theme song… aargh!) You might want to make a “Read More” link at the bottom of each page with a link to flipcover. Comments links on the articles would be good too.

  • I must of watched that intro animation about twenty times in a row.

  • I keep watching the intro.

    THIS is a great thing!!

  • Don’t forget the profile of animator/turned/author Aurelio O’Brien. It’s a fun magazine, it was fun working with Steve again!

  • Steve Moore

    Thanks for the feedback guys, I added a “next page” link so you don’t have to see the Singing Flipheads over and over (refresh your page if it doesn’t appear). Thanks to all who checked out the site. Jerry Beck is the king of cartoons! Nancy B is the empress of animation!