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Good Morning New Orleans!

This morning, I appeared with film critic Dave Dubos on Good Morning New Orleans to hype Looney Tunes Golden Collection Vol. 6. We taped a fifteen minute interview yesterday at KTLA studios in Hollywood. The KTLA newsroom is in the exact building on Sunset and Van Ness which was home to Leon Schlesinger Productions in the 1930s and 40s (as as seen in the 1940 short You Ought To Be In Pictures). Dubos says the whole interview will appear later today on the WGNO website as a podcast – but you can check out my one minute broadcast appearance on the ABC26 website now.

UPDATE: I just got the link. Click Here to watch the full 15 minute interview.

  • Brian D. Scott

    Just wanted to let you know I picked up the set at Best Buy and enjoy your book (Looney Tunes – The Ultimate Visual Guide) that they packaged with it! I just need to make time to watch the DVDs!

  • Chris Sobieniak

    Great job as always Jerry!

  • Cool! See I told you that you are famous…

  • Bob Porrazzo

    Interesting how you appear on a station in WGNO-TV that maybe 20-25 years ago as an independent in New Orleans would’ve aired cartoons. Tribune, which also runs KTLA and WPIX, has run WGNO back to its independent days and still does to this day as an ABC affiliate.

  • Good on you Jerry! A 15 minute interview sounds pretty complete, Congrats!

  • This set, just arrived at my house today, is the highlight of the whole series! I’m going to get hours and hours of enjoyment playing and replaying the second and third disks. I don’t think I’ve ever heard these 1930’s cartoons sound so good, and I have to admit, I don’t think I’ve ever seen “CONFUSIONS OF A NUTZY SPY” before, cut or uncut, in my life! Even most of the unrestored stuff sounds quite good and I can live with the results. I sure hope that all the rabid fans buy this one. No matter how many times you’ve seen these on other compilations, the stuff has never been this bright and clean before and, if we ever get to see and hear genuinely restored prints of all the MGM cartoons, including those Freleng and Hanna-Barbera CAPTAIN & THE KIDS cartoons, I’ll be there! For now, this is a nice helping of what the Warners artists could do at other studios. So now, let me “SHUFFLE OFF TO BUFFALO”, and get back to the magic!

  • Brian

    Thanks, Jerry, I just got my set in the mail today. It’s great!! One thing that caused me some concern in your interview; I’m thrilled that WB is committed to restoring 60 cartoons per year, but when they release alternate collections (such as the examples you gave, the Bugs Bunny collection, Speedy Gonzales collection, etc.), are these going to include cartoons that have already been released in the Golden Collection? I sincerely hope that WB is not going expecting collectors to buy cartoons multiple times in order to complete their restoration collection on home DVD. I am a huge fan of the Golden Collection, and that would break my heart. Thanks again.

  • Brian – I am legally obligated not to say much about my work on the DVDs, but Warner Bros. has no plans for “double dipping”.

  • Termite Terrace is still standing??? Very profound you gave the interview from this historic site.

    PS: Any plans for a digitally remastered Chuck Jones/Tom & Jerry Collection?

  • top cat james

    WOW! A news program devoting FIFTEEN MINUTES to animation and moderated by a knowledgable interviewer! I never thought I’d live long enough to see the like. My commendations to WGNO, Dave, and Jerry.

  • Steve Gattuso

    My copy of the new collection just arrived in yesterday’s mail. Another fantastic set.

    So did you bring up the history of the place you were in during the taping?

  • That’s wonderful news, Jerry, thanks! So many of the cartoons on this wonderful Vol. 6 set are *just* at the edges of my memory … I’m a child of the 1970s, so probably saw many of these only once on TV before they vanished from the airwaves. It’s great to see them in their full glory!

  • great interview! thanks!!! i can’t wait to get this new set!

    and geez…where’d they have you sit for that interview? in the lobby?! haha there’s so much background noise!

  • Hey Jerry,

    Went to this website: and then I typed your name in the search bar. The 15 min interview is posted at the top….Oh ….and congratulations!..Picking the set up tomorrow.

  • Brian

    Hi Jerry. I, too, am enjoying the Looney Tunes Golden Collection Volume 6. I was bummed out to read that this is the last volume in the series. I did read your reply to another Brian above about not being able to talk too much about what’s replacing the Golden Collection. However, since you have a hand in crafting the new replacement item(s), I wanted to suggest a bit more documentation along with the cartoons. For example, the war toons featured on Disc 2 of Volume 6 are missing any sort of short documentaries to give context to the featured items. And there’s no documentary, either, for the Friz Freling at MGM cartoons. Short documentary features (5 to 10 minutes long) would have added much value to these sets and help cartoon lovers like me to appreciate the toons I’m watching even more. So please consider us in future releases and don’t assume that we have the same expertise and knowledge about these toons as you do. Thanks!

  • Paul J. Mular

    Hi Jerry,

    I believe you are the influence on the bonus material in LT vol 6, I wanted to thank you for the inclusion of the rare Captain & The Kids cartoons. Except for the two color cartoons, these were not in the TV package that ran in S.F. 20 years ago. So this is a first-see for me.

    I am also glad for the commentary over the Christmas Reels. I first watched them without commentary, but knew that I would appreciate them much more on the second pass with commentary. And I did. I kept thinking “Monty Python” when I saw them in drag, especially Bob Clampett!

    I do miss the Bugs Bunny Show recreations. I don’t remember off hand if the opening & closing for The Porky Pig show was included in past sets, but I do have the complete half hour show (in color) on 16mm which includes the cheaply made bridging sequences (new audio over existing animation).

    Again, keep up the good work. You are a legacy for preserving classic animation.

    Paul Mular