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Google Animates Valentine’s Day

Google Valentine's Day

Be sure and visit Google’s front page today for an animated Valentine’s Day short with music by Tony Bennett. For a Google Doodle, it’s an impressively long piece. I hope they’ll be doing more of these long-form animated pieces in the future. The designer and writer of the piece was Willie Real and the animator was Michael Lipman (aka Lippy). Also, kudos to Google for not being afraid to slip in a nod to gay marriage.

  • Lippy

    Hi guys,
    I animated it and Willie Real ( ) wrote and designed it.

    All Flash and Photoshop (guess that’s obvious).


  • Not bad at all!

    And yes, kudos for slipping in gay marriage.

  • Mike

    Love it! And I’m quite impressed that Google is willing to so boldly color itself in support of gay relationships. Kudos, Google!

  • pizzaforeveryone


    make a feature, google!

  • Bill

    Not to mention support of marriage between girls and frogs!

  • Laura

    I just loved it : )

  • Rafael

    Yeah Willie!!! -big fan

  • Gummo

    Gay marriage is fine, but alien-human sex is an abomination!!

    We must get a law passed to prevent it immediately!

    • The Gee

      I wouldn’t go upsetting the Space Octopus Lobby. They’ll get up in arms!

  • Standing up for gay AND interracial marriage. You go Google.

  • Marie Bower

    Loved this. Loved the story, style, all of it. And it was great to meet and talk with Willie during CTN this year.

  • SKent.

    I saw a lot of odd couples at the end of the short, but nowhere does it say any of them are married or getting married. Okay so the guys were wearing tuxes, but it’s already perfectly legal for guys to wear tuxes.

  • Many thanks for the pointer, Amid! Willie is such a uber-talented artist.