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Holiday Gift Ideas: Cartoon Retro

Billed as “home to the world’s largest online archive of vintage illustration, animation, comics and cartoons,” Cartoon Retro is the creation of character designer Shane Glines (Spumco, Batman Beyond, Superman). With over two years of daily updates, the site now boasts thousands of images that are guaranteed to inspire and educate any artist. Best of all, a mere $5 a month offers access to all the material, while a year-long subscription runs $50. More details at

Sometimes it’s better to just let the pictures do the talking so here’s a small selection of artwork recently posted to the site:

Cartoon Retro
  • Oscar Grillo

    Abel Ianiro was an extraordinary caricature artist from Argentina and Pepo was a terrific Chilean artist who created tne famous “Condorito)” (Little Condor)…If you want to see a great artist from Argentina, check Divito was Ianiro’s mentor.

  • Great shots!

    I’ve been debating signing up for this, the ton of images they offer are enticing enough but what really intrigues me (and would make me sign up today) is if they actually put out character designs, boards, animatics or pencil tests and such of the 2 or 3 series/shows Shane was developing exclusively for and under Cartoon Retro. That still happening? Personally, I know it was a big draw to see those guy’s process and timelines but having some experience with procrastination myself, I’m curious as to whether any of that stuff has gone up yet. Any one have info regarding that? It’d be much appreciated.

  • mj

    dude these are awesome

  • So I guess no one is signed up for this?

  • I was a registered user last year, but money got pretty tight so I never renewed. Thanks for the reminder – what Mr. Glines has here is nothing short of a goldmine! I will definitely be signing back up! And I suggest the same to the rest of you – come on, pay 5 bucks for one month and you’ll see how amazing this collection is! I know when I was a member I only viewed a tiny fraction of what was on the site.

  • The shows “Spit & Spite” mentions seems to have gone to sleep. No updates on those for a looong time, as far as I can remember typing away at work and not having the Cartoonretro site on my monitor. I wonder what happened to them.

  • Chuck R.

    It’s a great site with some amazing content (I’m a member). Every artist, animator and graphic designer should check it out.

    My only beef is (unlike the Brew), I can’t access it with a touch of a button, so I don’t check it often. I have to type in a password and a user ID and I can’t choose either of them. I know that sounds like a small inconvenience, but little things like that matter.

  • Well, just signed up and the shows info and “animation” do seem sparse but good lord is there a ton of amazing artwork. Definitely worth the 5 bucks a month…

  • Don Que Jote

    I wonder about the legality of charging for access, or even re-publishing copyrighted works, even if they are considered “retro”. (Many of these images are owned, or were published by Magazines, newspapers, etc.)

    I’ve often considered taking my large vintage through 60’s to present day comics collection and putting it online for people to see. The legality has always kept me from doing so. (Let alone charging for access!) Mr Glines must have either a disregard for original copyright, or a right set of proper stones.

  • They are superb……. love them.