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Jerry on Stu’s Show

Today I will sit down with Stu Shostack for another hard hitting interview, covering a wide range of animation subjects, on the internet radio program Stu’s Show. It’s being broadcast live at 7pm Eastern/4pm Pacific at StusShow.com. We will be discussing the latest events in cartoons – past, present and future. Looney Tunes on blu-ray, Tom & Jerry issues, UPA on DVD, I’ll give my opinion of the forthcoming Tintin movie and much much more… We’ll take questions via phone and email from listeners; we might also talk about Terrytoons. Join us and listen in here.

  • Kristjan B

    I will be listening here in Iceland. As for Terrytoons you never get to that one, have you considered to do program with Stu that just talks about Terrytoons?

  • Justin Delbert

    Jerry, what the hell are you wearing?