Jerry on Stu’s Show this afternoon Jerry on Stu’s Show this afternoon

Jerry on Stu’s Show this afternoon


Brewmaster Jerry Beck will be broadcasting once again, live on Shokus Internet Radio today, Wednesday June 4th from 4pm to 6pm Pacific time (that’s 7pm to 9pm for you in the Eastern Time Zone).

Stu Shostak and I will be discussing the Universal fire, Looney Tunes Vol. 6 and all other classic animation. If you have a specific question you want answered, call in during the broadcast toll free (888) 746-5875. If you miss the show, it’ll be rerun for the next seven days at the same time. Tune in!

  • I only listened to the last 20 minutes, I was busy…..

    Too bad I didn’t call in….my question would have been useful and no buinsess of the “Scottish cartoon”.

    I was going to ask you, Jerry, how can I help write to Paramount even if they don’t care?

    Also, why is Arnold Lebovit Entertainment removing the Puppetoons if Viacom owns them?

  • Kevin Wollenweber

    Well, Jerry, another job well done!

    I’m only sorry that, tonight, I tuned in so late, missing a full hour and a half!! But I think I caught the finest moments, when you do reveal some of the titles that are definitely given the green light, like “RUSSIAN RHAPSODY”, although, along those lines, I did not hear whether or not one of the disks would have a total wartime theme. So I guess I have Thad to thank for being a “fan boy” (geez, c’mon, Thad; being what is termed as a “fan boy” isn’t so bad. Sometimes, it gets us the answer we so desire about our favorite classics). I’m also glad that the other cartoons mentioned are going to be there. I don’t recall anything about “THE OILY AMERICAN”, so I don’t know whether this cartoon “sucks”, but, as a one shot, it belongs on this collection. If I had the opportunity to call, I would have asked about whether or not an expanded EGGHEAD TO ELMER disk might be compiled that would feature as-yet-unissued cartoons like “EACH DAWN I CROW” and “NUTTY NEWS” which features Elmer Fudd as narrator of his own wacky newsreel, as only Arthur Q. Bryan can do it!!

    Regarding the history of aired TERRYTOONS shows, I also recall when the occasional TERRYTOON, heavily edited for the usual syndicated package, showed up, with Audra Lee’s “KIDS’ BEAT”, on Super Station Funtime, the show that opened many a morning on WTBS, the first Atlanta Super Station I became aware of once I learned about cable TV as an alternative. These were nowhere near completist, but it was still good to see TERRYTOONS anywhere!

  • Giovanni Tomaro

    I really enjoyed the show tonight. But I wanted to know if any remaining Woody Woodpecker cartoons from 1959 onward or Walter Lantz cartoons were affected by this Universal fire this past sunday?

  • Kevin Wollenweber

    To the individual writing about Paramount cartoons:

    You said: >

    Ooh, really? I own that fantastic disk that he put out around “THE PUPPETTOONS MOVIE” and thought it was a nice try. I’d heard that he really wanted to attain ownership of all existing source material and video rights to the George Pal films, but, at the time, it seemed as if this was one “little guy” going up against a larger corporate structure and I just hoped along with Mr. Lebovit, that he would gain control, although Paramount had the original masters. Realizing that, I hoped, instead, that whoever owns the absolute masters and finest prints wins out and eagerly goes ahead with full and complete restoration of the “PUPPETTOONS” library.

    Well, certainly, here is another two hours’ worth of “animated” discussion already, and maybe Stu should have both Jerry Beck *AND* Arnold Lebovit on to discuss just what really *SHOULD* be done to insure that the “PUPPETTOONS” gets the best possible care and restoration for a possible future release.

    Are ya listenin’, huh?