Jerry on <em>Stu’s Show</em> tomorrow. Jerry on <em>Stu’s Show</em> tomorrow.

Jerry on Stu’s Show tomorrow.

Once again, tomorrow Wednesday June 10th, I will be the featured guest on Stu’s Show on Shokus Internet Radio. This will be my tenth or eleventh (I’ve lost count) visit to discuss all things animation with Stu and his listeners, live beginning at 4:00 p.m. PDT (7:00 p.m. EDT). Topics this time will include the upcoming Mighty Mouse DVD box set from CBS, forthcoming (if any) classic cartoon DVDs from Warner Bros. and your phone calls. As always, listeners will be encouraged to call in with their questions and comments on the station’s toll-free telephone number. Click here for more details. Tune In, Turn On and… Call Us!

  • Oscar Grillo

    Today I want to wish Donald Duck a very happy 75th birthday!!!

  • Kevin Martinez

    “forthcoming (if any) classic cartoon DVDs from Warner Bros.”

    This might be the most disappointing news all year.

  • “Classic Cartoons” is a phrase that gets thrown around a lot, and means different things to different people. Everything from the silent-era Felix cartoons, WB and Disney shorts, up to 80’s (and even 90’s) TV cartoons are considered “classic” to SOMEONE out there. To a lot of people, what they call classic is what they grew up with.

  • William

    Indeed, it would be very unfortunate if nothing new comes from WB this year. I suppose Looney Tunes might take a break (if they’re truly revamping the releases), but how about Popeye? We’re just now at the colors.

  • Robert Barker

    I’m assuming this includes any news on Popeye, Volume 4.

  • Oh, my, I dearly agree with all the comments here, thus far, and I, too, am eagerly waiting for news of forthcoming DVD’s from Warner Brothers. In fact, ironically enough, I found old audio tapes that I’d made of a series of cartoon festivals I used to attend, when held here in New York, at the now defunct Thalia Theater–festivals run by Jerry Beck, Greg Ford, Will Freidwald and a wonderful character all his own whom we knew as “Uncle” Wayne! I created these audio tapes as a record of the individual festivals so I could write about them as best I could for a publication called APATOONS. I bring these up at all, because it just reminds me that, if Jerry Beck were in full control of what comes out on DVD, we’d have some incredible shows, sponsor mentions and all. This has been a sad year for classic animation of just about any period you want to mention. Even the usual exhaustive movie packages from Warner Brothers which have been an incredible history lesson in themselves have almost ceased entirely. There are bright spots–we’re finally getting that PEANUTS 1960’S SPECIALS set that I’ve always dreamed about and, as jerry notes here, there is news of a forthcoming MIGHTY MOUSE set; one of those cartoons was part of one of the afore-mentioned theatrical festivals (one of those hilarious MIGHTY MOUSE musicals). Look, I just hope that the conversation is good, tomorrow, but allow us to grouse a bit, because it has been painful that we’ve not had anything to really discuss in the way of golden age stuff. What little has been released has been thoughtlessly tossed out there without any real sense of its history or why it was so inventive, save for the backgrounds by the historians in mini-documentaries. In most cases, though, the cartoons speak for themselves. If people could see the earliest Hanna-Barbera TV cartoons, the earliest incarnations of QUICK DRAW MCGRAW, SNOOPER & BLABBER, AUGGIE DOGGIE, RUFF & REDDY, etc., you’d see why some of us really wish the stuff were out as restored as possible! One reason, aside from the QUICK DRAW cartoons, to buy the SATURDAY MORNING 1960’S set, though, is the full episode of MARINE BOY. It really made me want the full series and, to me, made some of the other entries pale in comparison and energy.

  • Geoff. W.

    Any chance that it will be rerun? Or available for download?
    My life is such that, even if I wasn’t at work, I wouldn’t have a chance to listen at that time.

  • Christopher Cook

    Maybe now CBS will renew the copyright on that ubiquitous Mighty Mouse cartoon “Wolf! Wolf!” that every public domain video seems to have.

  • About the show.

    First, Jerry, you rang a bell for Paramount to put out Paramount cartoons (even though they’re probably not listening)- having an archive site like Warner Archive. But you just generically said they didn’t care and had I gotten through the busy phone lines (they’re now as bad as Radio Disney)- I would have said “Paramount should have an ‘archive’ site like Warner Bros. does”.

    Second, people, the FAMILY GUY so called “reason” why it stinks is only a theory from an animation expert and theories often battle with other things (or even other theories), such as Darwin’s evoultion vs. God’s creation. Sure I never watch “Family Guy”, but Jerry’s theory feels so biased against studios. For me, while it’s a good point and arugement, it’s also just another excuse to rant about today’s society. People have ranted about their previous generation since bad first came in this world. While you can miss your own “good old days”, there are other generation’s good old days as well too, both living and dead.

    Third, I know the economy’s bad, and we’ve got commonplace swearing- but Stu has got to watch his language. I know it’s PG-rated words he’s saying, but the computer I used is in a public area in my home- it is not in a room.