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Mike Nguyen’s blog


Mike Nguyen is one of the best traditional character animators I know. Fiercely independent, Mike’s working on his own feature film essentially by himself, and has been blogging about it, and his random thoughts about animating – with video clips, sketches and sculpture online – every week on rainplace.net. Check it out. To paraphrase the motto of the old Gotham Book Mart: “Wise animators fish here”.

  • Chuck R.

    I love Nguyen’s work. His paintings are beautiful. What ever happened to “My Little World” ?

  • nice. i didnt know mike had a blog. i have a “my little world” poster hanging on the wall next to where i work. ill certainly check his blog out.

  • Wow! Fantastic Mike. Maybe one day I’ll work on a feature of my own. I like the Panda…

  • andy arett

    Mike Nguyen is such an awesome guy! I had him as a teacher at Calarts about 12 years ago and he was so inspirational, and my favorite teacher there. So talented, and SOOOO nice! He would bring us treats from Portos, and introduced me to many great filmmakers by showing video clips at the beginnig of each class, most memorably: David Attenborough. I can’t wait til he finishes his film!

  • Sasha M.

    That guy is awesome! I like how unafraid to be completely ridiculous he is. I had a good laugh but learned something too.

  • Andrew

    So he knew all about animation when he was six?

    I really have to find the time to read more of his blog.

  • I was fortunate that my first taste of the industry was being part of Mike’s Ayden team back on Quest for Camelot. While the movie was a wreck, we had a ball, and I learned a ton of stuff. Mike has the heart and soul of a true artist. I love that little pencil test!

  • Dav-Odd

    Wow – inspiring. He animates so lovingly! Thanks, Jerry.

  • Locke Nguyen

    I am looking for My little world dvd, but can’t find anywhere, please let me know if there is a dvd somewhere in store

  • myra phan

    lol im also looking for My little world dvd. Can u pls let me know where i can buy it from (even online)? thank you

  • Mai Ngo

    Hi anh Mike,
    I love the way you draw the characters in My Little World. So peaceful!…Please let me know when the cartoon movie is ready for sale. I would love to have my children see some parts of Vietnam through your art. Best wishes to you.

  • lanchi

    that is so awesome cute cartoon characters. I would like to buy your DVD would you sent me the your website to buy your movie please

  • Chelsea Jauregui

    Hello Mr. Nguyen, I really like your blog and your work! I am an animation student at Cal State Fullerton, and I am doing a report on character animator Kevin Koch, whom I believe you supervised earlier in his career. I’ve been trying to contact him for an interview, and if you have any comments on working with him, they would make a wonderful addition to my report! thank you!