New Flip on Smoking New Flip on Smoking

New Flip on Smoking


The new edition of Flip would be worth reading if only for the excellent article on the portrayal of smoking in animation by Dr. Barry Hummel. But it’s got so much more! Here it is!

  • Prof. Gast

    What a touchy subject! ^_^ The article was interesting and had great clips. What I am most impressed with is not the explosion of statistics but the wonderful way Flip counters the points of the writer. The questions Flip asks the author are given good foundation and certainly mirrored my own concerns while reading so it was a nice treat to see some of my discomforts addressed at the end.

    Although I am not a smoker, I am afraid to see the artistic use of cigarettes as props, characters, or character extentions go down the pooper. Candy suckers as replacement cigarettes is one of my favorite gags in modern cartoons (don’t forget bubble pipes…do they even make those anymore?) but this wouldn’t be a gag if the archtypal “smoking character” didn’t exist in either the media or real life. Sure all that use of tobacco in animation was cool when I was a tyke (STILL COOL now that I am an adult) but I never started smoking….something about choking on cigarettes and cigars as a child never appealed to me as a choice, maybe I was too much of a pansy?

  • AJ

    I really like FLIP.

    I would love to be able read the article.

    Too bad for me the whole page is an overly-over- “designed,” incomprehensible mess.

    Guess I didn’t study enough “art.”

  • John A

    A four minute film about Peguins making cigarettes! Obviously KOOL paid for it, but who animated it, and was it done by a major studio?

  • Rick R.

    Very interesting and informative article.

    I hate cigarettes, mainly on the grounds that they killed my mother once. That the movie industry is undermining America silently, and on a daily basis, comes as no surprise to me.

    However, Dr. Hummel’s “Walt’s Ashes” video is mis-informed on a very important premise: his remains were not scattered, nor were they frozen to be revived later as popular legend suggests. Walt’s remains are buried in Forest Lawn – Glendale: has the details of anything you would want to know about where to find him.