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An Online Animation Festival


A British internet magazine, The First Post, is hosting the first online animation festival on its site.

What does that mean? It means they’ve post 27 independent animated shorts, including such festival favorites as Tomek Baginski’s Fallen Art, Pes’ Kaboom, Pat Smith’s Drink and Lesley Barnes’ Herzog and the Monsters; it means articles, links and clips relating to Aardman’s The Pearce Sisters; it means they discuss Anime; it means they post a retrospective of the best animated ads of 2006 and 2007; and they host a gallery of art from TVC’s production of Raymond Brigg’s The Snowman. Check it out, it’s totally worth a visit during the Christmas break.

  • JG


    NOW it feels like christmas. :)


  • I’m a bit disappointed. The “discussions” are just a vague paragraph or two. And I’m not sure the guy writing about “The Pearce Sisters” has actually seen it if he thinks it’s a “feature film”.

  • jenna

    I’m hoping this will start a new trend in animation festivals online, so everone can see them. In 2008, I am hoping I can see lots of cool animation!

  • Andrew

    What a wonderful Christmas gift! It’s oodles of fun! Thanks from everyone here!

  • Thanks for heads up on this! You are a fantastic source of animated shorts for me, and this online film festival will hopefully have more gems!

  • Firoz

    The making-of clip for Aardman’s The Pearce Sisters gives a fascinating explanation of how it was animated.

    Basically, the film was modelled and animated in 3D without texture or facial details. Each frame of the 3D animation was then printed out and drawn over in a 2D style. Those 2D images were then scanned back into the computer and laid over the original 3D animation. Amazing!