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Out of Context Animation

If you ever wondered what your favorite childhood cartoon characters might look like having sex, or doing something nasty, wonder no more.

Out of Context Animation is a Tumblr site that posts unique frames from innocent animated films, which out of context could possibly be interpreted as something incredibly obscene. Here’s a couple of examples from the site below (click thumbnails to enlarge image). Mickey, Porky, Spongebob, Inspector Gadget… no one is spared. Nothing not-safe-for-work, but actually quite funny… or at least I think so.

  • Justin Delbert

    And I thought Disney was the only studio to sneek sex in their cartoons.

  • Been watching that site for months now. It gets funnier every day. But I’m more curious where that top picture came from. I don’t think I’ve seen it there site before.

  • Chris Sobieniak

    Thanks for the nightmares Jerry!

  • Hee Hee Hee…

  • Oh lord…

    Back when I watched this show I never thought Phoebe wore pants…

  • Doug

    I haven’t laughed so hard in years!

  • Sprite37

    WHOA DUDE! Thanks for the feature! The blog’s a lot of fun and the followers contributing to the site are some of the best I could ever ask for. Thanks again for the plug, it’s a crazy huge honor =D

  • Marc Baker

    That site was pretty funny, and I can see how must of these stills can be taken the wrong way by some of the the overprotective parents out there worried about pornography. I remember The Nostalgia Critic’s review of ‘The Care Bears Movie’, and he pointed out that scene where the one Care Bear was fixing the car while the other Care Bear is just sitting in the seat relaxing. (Or is the relaxing Care Bear enjoying the other Care Bear’s ‘services’?)

  • ajnrules

    That Powerpuff Girls episode was an allegory on drug abuse, so it’s not completely innocent. :p

    But a lot of good images on there.

  • I usually don’t think hot for everything that moves, but that website is hilarious. Gah, this is not good. This means I need to watch more random, irrational cartoons….. ¿?

    This one’s simply evil X)

  • Anthrocoon

    An audio example: some wondered if Snagglepuss was gay. One short had two crooks in his cave; an angry Snag retreats to his closet. Crook 1: “What was that?” Crook 2: “Uh, someone is in the closet.” …Snagglepuss: “Yeah! Someone is in the closet…ME!”

  • Sarah J

    I remember that Care Bears scene, Nostalgia Critic pointed it out and that the bear in the car looked a liiiiitle too happy. XD

  • This reminds me of the Accidental Video Game Porn Archive by Derek Yu.

    Well worth the look!

  • tjr

    Some of the BIGGEST, HARDEST, laughs I’ve had in years.

  • Christopher Cook

    Bugs Bunny and the white speck on the screen had me on the floor. Absolutely gut-busting stuff.

  • MBThomas

    So…nobody knows where the plane image is from? … Nobody else is curious? …

    • Jeffers

      Jerry answered that on his Facebook before. “I grabbed it from TRAVELAFFS (1958), but I think its reused footage from AERO-NUTICS (1953).”

  • Hilarious!!! The Lucy still is oneof my favorites XD

  • Glowworm

    This stuff really is funny–The one from “Scaredy Cat” left me giggling.

  • Julian

    The only one I can’t believe is that Rugrats one near the beginning. Odd/unfortunate positions and discolorations happen all the time. But to blatantly draw that? Either some sick Pedo was allowed to work on the show or more likely some sick 4chan troll wanted to stir a “rule 34” commotion.