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Papu is a Smash!


Just when you thought it was safe to travel with a big, blue, hammer-wielding maniac…

If you haven’t been doing it already, check out Xeth (Bulbo) Feinberg’s new internet cartoon series PAPU. This is an unabashed plug – but a sincere one, as I am a big fan of Feinberg’s little Flash cartoons. And don’t forget to shop for Bulbo and Papu products, and ask Papu a question on his Blog!

  • Wow! More SMASH wackiness from SMASH Xeth. I was waiting SMASH for this! Thank you! (SMASH!)

  • Cool. The Mohamed joke was pretty great.

  • Mike

    If this is the type of cartoons you guys watch made in flash, no wonder you have such a low opinion of it. Zero redeeming qualities in this one.

  • red pill junkie

    Papü Smash!! :-D

  • It amazes me how most people who comment on this site trash so much animation that’s actually not bad and yet when this crap comes along you hail it. Papu is poorly animated, timed, designed and directed. Not only that but the character Papu has no personality except that he smashes things. The voices aren’t even that strong. I don’t get it. How is that funny? Granted it’s a finished film but the success of being ‘able’ to create a film does not warrant a celebration of it in and of itself. Please understand that my goal is not to bash Xeth Feinberg but really try to understand what on earth you guys grade stuff on! I’d really be curious to see what Amid says about this film as his tastes seem extremely narrow and I’d be surprised if he liked this. But then again you might not even post this so I may never know.

  • I totally agree with Mike;
    Check out THIS!:

    Now THAT’S a good Flash cartoon. Good animation, great use of the medium, good voices, funny and campy all rolled up into one package. But I don’t believe I’ve seen anyone comment on any of these cartoons.

  • The Xeth-directed “Hard Drinkin’ Lincoln” is my favorite internet cartoon.

  • True, Drinkin’ Lincoln was a good series but it wasn’t written by Xeth was it? Wasn’t it written by Mike Reiss?

  • Asymetrical, that cartoon is terrible :D It’s John K. and Anime in a flash blender.

  • “Hard Drinkin’ Lincoln” was the first internet cartoon actually worth the download wait on a 56k modem. I don’t know if history will note that or not.

    I admired that it did so much with so little. The layout on that was great. It had to be since there wasn’t much animation.

  • christy

    I LOVE PAPU! it makes me laugh out loud! i love it for the same reasons asymetrical hates it-saying its ‘poorly animated, designed, and directed’ is a matter of personal taste. i think Papu looks funny and awesome-he makes me laugh. and the fact that papu has no personality except smashing things? totally funny to me. voices aren’t that strong? “papu smash!” gets funnier the more he says it! what i think works for papu that so many things lack these days is genuine appeal, charm and personality. that link to ‘the hiros’ cartoon is an example of what i would consider one of the worst, unpersonalized, tired, generic, uninteresting things i’ve ever seen! ‘retro spys’? the word play of ‘hiros/hero’???? who would find that witty or well written? to me it just looks like a really crappy version of those esurance commercials and a total snooze fest.

  • christy

    PAPU SMASH!!!!!

  • Papu SMASH… Blooblahblahblahblahblahblah… Completely silly!

    I’ve known Xeth since before the .COM bubble burst. He survived it because he’s a good guy and talented. If nothing his work is unique and fun but also budget conscious. One of the main reasons the .COM bubble burst in the first place was mismanagement of budgets and schedules. It’s not JUST making the best cartoon you can, but making the best cartoon you can WITHIN schedule and UNDER budget. What’s the point of making the greatest cartoon ever, if you have to celebrate by filing Chapter 11?

    Xeth is one guy who knows how to make the most out of a limited internet budget. It’s not easy making short cartoons by yourself in a couple of hours… (Fer Christ’s sake he made the feature length cartoon “Queer Duck” out of his apartment in a few months!)

    (BTW “Astro Chimp” was my favorite Xeth cartoon… “Poor little fwella…”)

  • Asymetrical

    Hey, I didn’t say I didn’t have respect for the guy, I am just surprised that everyone likes his stuff here and yet trash soooooooo many other things here instead. A fickle bunch, the animation industry is it not?

    “Xeth is one guy who knows how to make the most out of a limited internet budget. It’s not easy making short cartoons by yourself in a couple of hours…”

  • Hey, it’s interesting to get so many comments, even the negative ones. Thanks for the thoughts. I’ll just say my cartoons aren’t all done “in a couple hours” but, yes, it’s a matter of working efficiently. Frankly, I like ‘limited animation’ for it’s own sake. Trying to do more with less. I also like making whatever idea comes into my head (Papu IS stupid, I’ll do something else next)… rather than going through some corporate market-tested meat grinder just to end up with something as, sorry to say, unoriginal and contrived as that online cartoon (now THAT’s insulting…)

  • Gee… I’m commenting again on my own cartoon comments. Lame, right? But on further thought, I felt I should moderate my own angry comments on the Warner Bros. online cartoon above. It’s got good points, obviously made by skilled guys. I can sympathize with creators being pissed about the response or lack thereof their work gets. Why wasn’t this picked up and made into a series… it IS better than a lot of stuff out there… but certainly part of a genre, winking and screaming at the same time. Is it really that different than Papu? Anyway, can’t we all just get along? Lord help us all…