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Pop Quiz

From our friends at Mental Floss.

  • Zee

    I got 13 out of 15.

  • tom

    Gossamer/Willoughby. Other than that: solid!

    I should have figured out Gossamer, dadgumbit!

  • droosan

    100% .. 15 out of 15 .. :)

    Didn’t seem too hard .. there were even several ‘catch-phrases’ in there!

  • 100% score for me! The “Willoughby” one was not right on Mental Floss’s part though. The soundbite, from Clampett’s HARE RIBBON and the image, from Avery’s THE HECKLING HARE, do not match. Weren’t they two different characters? But thank you for that Jerry!

  • J. J. Hunsecker

    I got 100% right!

  • Gerit

    100% …although I’m not certain that’s a good thing.

  • Charles Brubaker

    Some were a bit harder to identify, but I managed to get all 15 right!

    I’m the master!

  • 100% right. I had to use the process of elimination with Wimpy. I didn’t recognize his line there. Mighty Mouse was way too easy though.

  • 100% right here, too, though I had to deduce one or two TV-era characters by process of elimination.

  • Dan

    13/15 – Wasn’t a big fan of Atom Ant or Underdog growing up so I confused the two. The others were fairly simple.

  • 100%!
    Some of those you could guess just from the background music. I guess even if you weren’t around when “Penelope Pitstop” was on, you would have recognized Paul Lynde.
    Too bad they seemed to have had a very latter-day (H-B?) Popeye to pull the Wimpy from. Another void to be filled by those upcoming DVDs!

  • George

    Bah! Switched the Hooded Claw and Underdog, otherwise I was ok!

  • uncle wayne

    I wish to hell all “quizzes” were this damn easy in college!! I adore that you had TWO Bill Thompsons in there! How clever! What a ba-last!

  • Graham


    And they said it was harder. :P

  • Eric S.

    I outta be slapped for mixing up underdog/hooded claw for a 13 of 15 result. In my defense I kinda got sick of scrolling, flipping between windows and numbering.

  • Andrew

    It would’ve been harder if ALL of them were supporting characters. Nevertheless, I too got a perfect score!

  • Toooooo damn easy.
    C’mon, how are Mighty Mouse, Marvin Martian, Jabberjaw, Michigan J Frog and Droopy remotely difficult?

    I thought Hooded Claw was easy. I had to think a LITTLE between Touche Turtle and Underdog, only because I don’t think I ever watched Underdog as a kid.

  • Haha, way too easy, 100% here too! XD

  • uncle wayne

    Keep THOSE kind of “quiizzes” coming!! I love ’em!

  • Bugsmer

    I, too, got 100%, and I noticed that Atom Ant has Jughead’s voice, but I had to use the process of elimination for some of them. Wimpy was the hardest.

  • Tom Minton

    Tricky in that Bill Thompson voiced both Droopy AND Touche Turtle, but otherwise, it was cool. This is the same test the DMV gives new drivers in California.

  • 100% – 15 out of 15 ! Great fun! Thanks for sharing the link! I look forward to more quizes like this in the future!

  • A very easy 100%.

    I watched way too much TV growing up. Oy.

  • Graham Finch

    It’s amazing how many people kept mixing up Underdog with another character. Remember: Underdog is the one who rhymes.

  • Mike Russo

    Got ’em all.

  • 15 out of 15. Too easy.

  • I didn’t think I’d get them all right, but I did. There were some challenges in the bunch, but the trick is to listen to the surrrounding audio (music,SFX et al.)

  • tony

    That was fun… 100% after three switches.
    Was Paul Lynn the voice of #4?
    Great site… thanks.

  • OM

    …That picture *begs* for a Photochop that moves the index fingers over to the left just a touch, with an anti “Cartoon” Network protest slogan attached! :-)

  • the big CR

    Way too easy! I got 3 of the 15 properties correct! (It helps to work in the marketing department of an entertainment conglomerate.)