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Ratatouille Virtual Sets

Ratatouille virtual sets

Tim Petros, a photographer who specializes in QuickTime VR, was hired to transform the Ratatouille backgrounds into VR movies with sound narration. The results are pretty fun and innovative. I’m surprised we don’t see more creative uses of existing CG assets for film promotions. Tim also makes QTVR movies of cartoon maquettes, like these movies of sculptures designed by Ruben Procopio.

  • Chuck R.

    These are a lot of fun!

    Incidentally, these CG set pieces have been exploited before. The DVD of Monsters Inc. has a great bonus feature —a fly-through tour of the factory. There’s no story and no interaction, just a showcasing of the wonderful sets, with one tiny character appearance. It’s great.

  • Chris Hatfield

    Interesting to say the least. There is also a plugin developed for 3d studio max which outputs images of your 3d file to be viewed via flash swf,similar to Quicktime VR. The great thing is that it is totally free (legally) under the GPL license.

  • red pill junkie

    I agree with Chuck R. The Monsters Inc DVD was fabolous with all the bonus material. In contrast I was deeply disappointed in how lame the Cars DVD turned out to be (at least the version that was retailed here in Mexico) because it lacked no bonus content at all: no making of, no interviews, no concept art: NADA.

    I do hope they include these CG walk-ins in the upcoming Rattatouille DVD, which in my opinion is the BEST movie I have seen this year -not the best ANIMATION film, the best FILM, period -.

  • Hmm, I can’t get this to work on my system (either Firefox or IE). So for now, I’ll have to use my imagination and have to agree that this is a great behind-the-scenes addition to any CG project

  • DeK

    Nice, but they could have kept it in real 3D using Shockwave.

  • Sadie

    We loved the movie, the plot, the animation and the sets but the music was a bit boring and it really dragged the movie down.
    I much prefer hearing old or new pop songs or specially written musical numbers.
    The old french bistro type music was making a few Parents nod off.