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Renegade’s Funny Face now online

Not sure how long this has been online, but I just discovered a Daily Motion page which has several excerpts from the Renegade Animation Funny Face pilot. We first reported on Renegade’s plans to revive the animated characters back in March 2008. For more info on the folks who control the property today, click here.

  • darin m

    Go Renegade!

  • Ed Thompson

    Seems a lot like the old Muppet show, but that’s not necessarily bad.

  • Jay Sabicer

    I remember these guys. I do miss Paul Frees, he did perhaps all of the voices in the commercials. Now, if Renegade would just resurrect Elmo Aardvark…

  • I guessing Bruised-Brown Apple was their least successful flavor.

  • Dock Miles

    Excuse me — are they trying to make Funny Face fruits edgy? Gonna have to sic the Lone Banana on these folks! Feed them to Moby Grape. Run ’em through the propeller of an Outboard Radish.

  • Professor Widebottom

    Right, Funny Face goes edgy. What’s the point?

  • In what way is this ‘edgy’? Each to their own I guess.

  • Haaaaa, better than most shows on tv these days!

  • doug holverson

    I’m guessing that edgy would be the almost cussing plus several characters getting squished and otherwise seriously hurt for a giggle.

    I’m amused that Freckle Face Strawberry is a female. Maybe because I still have (unless the Nieces glommed on to it as a hand-me-down) a Little Golden-type book called “How Freckle Face Strawberry Got His Freckles”.

  • Dock Miles

    “I’m guessing that edgy would be the almost cussing plus several characters getting squished and otherwise seriously hurt for a giggle.”

    Yes, of course. Boy, folks are numb these days. Or, at least, they don’t remember the very fluffy and mild nature of the original incarnation of Funny Face.

  • Dock Miles

    “Right, Funny Face goes edgy. What’s the point?”

    Well, you want a wider point, here’s one — “edgy” is now the lazy, default remake mode for everything that was not “edgy” in its original incarnation. In fact, mild ‘n’ friendly and good quality is much rarer these days than quick ‘n’ easy “edgy.”

    Just so nobody thinks this is a moralist crusader speaking, I’m a recent convert to “Happy Tree Friends,” the carefree slaughterhouse that has the key advantage of contrasting form and content from day one.

  • To quote Jeff Dunham’s Walter: “Screw you, that was funny!”

    Renegade animation have officially gained a trust in my heart for quality TV animation and writing. Never had I laughed that hard in ages. And while the voices weren’t exactly reminiscent of Paul Frees, they’re still full of life and charm, notably Sourpuss Lemon.

    Besides, if this *was* “edgier” comedy, we’d be seeing Ren and Stimpy-esque gross-out close-ups up the wazoo or *seeing* Captain Black Cherry getting stabbed by the swords or hearing Crab Apple moaning in absolute agony when hit with the arrow.

    But none of those happened – I still laughed – so yay :D

  • Gabe D

    How does this play for kids with no historical reference to the original characters or the product?

  • Where’s the merchandise? I’d give a purty for a Goofy Grape t-shirt.

  • Keith

    It was a blast animating on these shorts! No nervous network officials or clients to say “Hey, we really can’t have Goofy Grape get splattered by an anvil or Choo Choo Cherry get chopped up by a propeller. What message does that send to the kids?” Just pure old-fashioned Wile E. Coyote fun. I hope we get to make lots more (and I hope the other 16 get posted).

  • sankaWorks

    Nice, but beatings all around for the use of sound effects to punctuate facial expressions. Stop that

  • Stewart Patton

    Does anyone know who originally created the characters, can’t seem to find out anything, somebody had to create them?