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Scribble Junkies, a blog by Bill Plympton and Pat Smith

Pat and Bill

Make room for another solid addition to the animation blogosphere: Scribble Junkies is a blog by well-known New York indies Bill Plympton and Pat Smith (who is currently living in Singapore). I know them both well, and I enjoy hearing their perspectives on the art form, even if I don’t necessarily always agree with them. If it’s not clear from the name of their blog, both of these guys are driven by their passion for the art of drawn animation, and they’ve told me that they plan to have guest contributions from other artists who are similarly passionate about drawing and draftsmanship.

  • Oh man, that is awesome. Talk about the two people you’d most want writing about animation. Thanks for posting this.

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    That’s weird.

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    Pat Smith totally drinks BL Lime.

  • Scott

    BL Lame!

  • @ Nelson I know what the hell Pat drink something better!!