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“Spider-Man” Cartoon Music Cues

My friend Dan O’Shannon (writer of Redux Riding Hood, Modern Family, The Fan and The Flower) is slowly starting a new website, O’Shannonland, devoted to the many things he loves – including comedy writing, comics (his own) and the City of Cleveland. Knowing Dan, I fully expect to see posts on Fleischer’s Popeye and the Lost In Space robot relatively soon. In the meantime, he has compiled a group of music cues from the classic soundtracks to Grantray-Lawrence’s Spider-Man (1967) TV series. This is the cool-jazzy Ray Ellis music, not the public domain KPM library music that began to show up in the second season. Obscure – but someone had to do it. Thanks Dan. More about the Spider-Man TV music at WFMU’s blog.

  • Some years ago there was a cd of the music from the 66 cartoons. It was put out by “The Amazing Spider Band”. I myself never herd it, but friends of mine have.

    • Just found out. The Spider-Band Cd was by a band called Volume, the cd was called The Amazing Spider-Band. Sorry for the mixup.

  • reza

    first song off the list, sampled by mf doom: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wa5A1Aaf4bQ

    cool list !

  • Brilliant stuff, but most of them seem to be silent when I play them. I’ll try again later.

    • DanO

      sorry, should be fixed now.

      • Great! Are they available to download as well?

  • Chris Sobieniak

    And yet you do get those fans who end up in the KPM camp too, but glad to see someone stuck his neck out for the rest of us.

  • dave kovarik

    Don’t use IE.

  • xevo

    This would do Jon Burlingame proud.

  • D. Terioration

    Great job.

    Meanwhile, the original music tapes (for this and many, many other cartoons) sit languishing in some vault somewhere.

  • Richard

    I found a ton of this stuff online a few years ago. I often listen to it when other people are in the car with me. It’s likable and weird, but very much “background” music and it doesn’t compete for attention with the conversation.

  • Scott O

    Fantastic! I know I’m in the minority, but I’ve always preferred both Grantray-Lawrence’s Spiderman over Bakshi’s AND Ray Ellis music over KPM’s.

    And D. Terioration, I’m not too sure if that’s true for these specific music cues. I thought I read an interview with Ray Ellis himself and he believed they were lost.

    • Stéphane Dumas

      It’s sad then Ray Ellis music might be lost. I’m afraid then the music of the 1966 Marvel Super Heroes cartoon and Rocket Robin Hood might had meet the same fate. :_(

      We’ve been lucky to heard lots of BGM like Hoyle Curtin’s work for Hanna-Barbara, Shunuke Kikuchi for various animes like Dragon Ball, UFO Robot Grendizer (known as “Goldorak” in French speaking areas and as “Goldrake” in Italy) and Barry Gray who composed most of the music cues for British producer Gerry Anderson (Fireball XL5, Stingray, Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet, UFO, Space 1999).

      I hope we discover more musical cues, they’re a very good hidden treasures. :-)

  • This show had some of the best music! Thanks for the hard work!