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The image above can only mean one thing: Brewmaster Jerry Beck will once again be broadcasting live on Shokus Internet Radio.

Tomorrow, Wednesday February 27th from 4pm to 6pm Pacific time (that’s 7pm to 9pm for you in the Eastern Time Zone) Stu Shostak and I will be discussing classic cartoon DVD compilations like Popeye Vol. 2, Woody Woodpecker Vol. 2 and other classic animation DVDs. If you have a specific question you want answered, call in during the broadcast and ask me, toll free (888) 746-5875. Click here to listen in. If you miss the show, it’ll be rerun for the next seven days at the same time.

  • The lines were EXTREMELY BUSY. So I called for a minute, had to e-mail Stu, and he said he was going to forward it for a minute.

    And by the way, “Old Macdonald” was just used as a guessing remark that Jerry did, and I said “no, none of that”. I talked about the Little Audrey cartoon “Goofy Goofy Gander” and how i found the orginial titles:

    But it was a nice time to listen, bit of a dissapointment to see the real reason why Viacom is lazy about their cartoons, and Gulliver not being on the set. I could have my connection inputs with my own experience, but those lines acted like it was Radio Disney (a radio network to promote Disney Channel songs and tween songs in general). But I got lucky. The end of the show is now my “lucky time”.