Stu’s Show Anniversary Stu’s Show Anniversary

Stu’s Show Anniversary


On Wednesday Stu Shostack celebrates the one year anniversary of his internet radio show with a return visit by his inaugural (and frequent) guest Mark Evanier. Mark and Stu will discuss the new Schulz book and why the family is upset about it – Monte Schulz will be calling in to discuss his point of view. They’ll also be talking about the writer’s strike and Mark’s producing and writing of Garfield and Friends. Sevreral other special guests who are VERY big in the animation and comic strip world will be calling in to join the discussion. It’s broadcast live tomorrow, (Wednesday 12/5) from 7-9pm (Eastern)/4-6 pm (Pacific), with taped rebroadcasts each day following, at the same hours. Click Here to Listen.

Oh, and in two weeks (on Dec. 19th), I’ll be on again with another open forum to discuss classic cartoons.

  • GREAT! That will be one heckuva show, I posted your announcement, on my blog, I mentioned the Brew’s Schulz thread to you and Stu on your last guest spot, because I think it may be one of the most profound chains of commentary that I’ve read here… I will be listening to my computer tomorrow at 6-8pm central–and congrats for the ASIFA honors you so richly deserve! THANKS, JB

  • BJ Wanlund

    Jeez, I thought there’d be some kind of an answer regarding Muppet Babies and Flashbeagle. I’ll try to call in on the 19th, but no promises. Hopefully you can give us a rundown of upcoming animation DVD releases on the show??