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Stu’s Show: Freberg this week, Beck next week

This week on Stu’s Show, the one and only Stan Freberg will be live and in-studio, along with comedy writer/producer Mark Evanier, who will co-host. They’ll cover as much of Stan’s illustrious career as they can, including his years doing cartoon voiceover work at Warner Brothers in the 1940s and 50s, partnering with Daws Butler to write and perform Bob Clampett’s Time For Beany, recording some of the greatest comedy records of all time, and opening an advertising agency responsible for producing the most hilarious and innovative commercials to ever hit the TV airwaves. The show airs live on your computer, 4:00 p.m. PT/7:00 p.m. ET, with rebroadcasts daily at the same time. Listen to it HERE!

Next week, (live on March 24th) Brewmaster Jerry Beck will join Stu to discuss classic animation and take phone calls. I’ll remind you about this again next week.

  • JP

    I know there are issues with sponsors or copyrighted clips or something – but Stu really needs to figure out a way to podcast his show.

  • The way Stan pronuces “Cigars” in his Pete Puma voice is clever. Not that I would smoke ’em. He’s the Sid Raymond of one of the more well-known studios.

    You’ll have a lot to talk about with Stu and the callers, because I noticed just how many issues and other stuff in the cartoon industry Brew readers were deranged about — or glad about.

    Like maybe……

    -The guts for Paramount to release a Mighty Mouse DVD and if it generated enough sales for Betty Boop, Terrytoons, Little Lulu, Puppetoons and all sorts of backlogged treasure coming from the most famous majestic mountain and Happy Harmonies-esque music notes.
    -George Lopez’s biases on the first Speedy cartoons’ so-called “racism” striking inspiration for another soon-to-be-awful live-action/CG adventure
    -The “Marmaduke” Movie
    -The Avatar debate on whether or not it should be an animated film, and why it may or may not have deserved losing the Oscar wins to “The Hurt Locker” and especially “Up”. (plus maybe a recap on all of the “Best Animated Feature” nominations and the shorts, like “Loaf and Death” and “Logorama” too.)
    -Your one post battling on with the producer of the upcoming “Tom and Jerry” movie- plus also tracing the origin of the cat-and-mouse team’s names with that recent to the public discovery.
    -The death outbreak of legends such as Art Clokey, Roy Disney, and Arnold Stang.
    -The regular stuff (like plugging Cartoon Dump live shows)
    -Censored 11 screening presented by TCM

    Anyways, my advice- plan wisely for another great show because Stu goes “ on and and on and on and on- don’t stop believin’ ” -er, uh, on and on about the sensitve topics when you ignite the fire.

    And don’t forget the jammed phone lines that nearly rivals Radio Disney. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to tune in, to be honest so good luck and listen to my advice even if you’ve already got really good interview experience.

  • William

    Great to hear you’ll be back, Jerry!

    I understand you’ll explain what’s happening with the new Looney Tunes Super Stars DVDs and why the first wave has just been delayed. I’d also love to hear your take on the upcoming Tom & Jerry Anniversary Collection, and if it affects your plans or hopes to revisit T&J more in the style of the LT Golden Collections as you mentioned last time.

  • Bryan

    William beat me to my question about the new Tom & Jerry set coming out – oh, well.