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The Magic of Mary Blair

Mary Blair site

No one admires the work of Mary, Lee and Preston Blair more than we do. Now Mary’s nieces, Maggie and Jeanne, have just sent word of their new Mary Blair website that does the family proud. The site features photos, stories, merchandise and news about Mary, along with a few other surprises. Loads of gorgeous, inspiration pieces. Bookmark.

(Thanks, Andrew Farago)

  • Thank heavens! I missed visiting the old site that was up on the Magic of Mary Blair! It just, disappeared and I truly missed it! This is great news and a welcome treat to have back on the internet! Researchaholic that I am, I’m going over to visit it now! Thanks so much for the heads up Jerry!

  • Louis Tully

    Is it just me or was “The Art and Flair of Mary Blair” just not that good of an art book. I love Blair and her work, but I was just very disappointed in Canemaker’s book and the quality of the reproductions. What do the other Blair fans think of it? I’m excited to see this new site.

  • Fred

    Mary Blair and all her contemporary imitators are getting played out. It’s great stuff but when you see every tom, dick and lorelay ripping her stuff, its over. Its time to move on.