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The Premiere Episode of Butch Hartman’s YooToon Channel

Last week, I wrote about YooToon, a new Internet animation channel created by Fairly OddParents creator Butch Hartman. The premiere episode launched today. Watch it:

(Thanks, Jace Diehl)

  • A Writer

    eh………………wtf did i just watch Amid? lol

  • Derik

    Those were really funny and I want to see more of those characters as well.

    This is a lot different than what’s going in at Cartoon Hangover:


  • Hank

    That guys eyes are too far apart.

    • Bud

      That’s what all the casting agents in Hollywood told him.

  • Mike

    This was worse than I could have imagined in every way.

  • Julian

    “Hundreds of submissions, I picked three.” Why do I feel he’s inflating that? Like when Joe Murray said his site/blog had 500,000 readers when he was taking kick starter donations for kaboingTV or when John K speaks with a big ego and makes himself seem much more important than he actually is from time to time. Don’t get me wrong, I respect all three, but sometimes I swear it seems they’re in a fantasy world and have a strange grasp on reality. I guess that’s why they’re in animation, makes sense.

    • Uhuru

      Oh, like live action people aren’t in a fantasy world and have a strange grasp on reality? It’s just that they get more respect and a better drug supply.

  • Hulk

    ‘Rocket Rentals’ was good. I found it kind of ironic that Butch kept commenting on ‘production value’ while being shot on a grainy video in his own home… Or was that the point?

    • the phrase ‘production values’ wasn’t alone in displaying irony here. Also try-
      ‘good colours’
      ‘like to see more’
      ‘good idea’

  • Professional or not, I’m pretty sure I don’t have what it takes to be one of his shoes.

    • Derik

      bet he wishes your banjo chicken WAS one of his shoes.

  • Mac

    None of these TV guys making Internet channels seem to know what they are doing. The only thing they bring is name recognition from cartoon geeks. They don’t even have a sense of the geography as it is , let alone that it is rapidly changing all the time. They ought to stay in TV, they can’t even wrap their heads around what all of this shit is.

    You look at professional comedians in LA, they’ve adapted very well to new media, twitter and podcasting. Funny or die. They use it to strengthen the relationship with their audience. This video of this old man with the sun glasses, was very off putting. He seemed condescending. If I was an aspiring cartoon making kid, I wouldn’t send anything to him because he immediately said this was amateur hour.

    • SpanielDayLewis

      Agreed. The cheapness of the overall show really makes it difficult to take his compliments seriously. There’s hundreds of kids online making slicker stuff than this with no money at all. This just comes across as being really behind the times.

  • There is no need to deride, lampoon or attempt to cheapen this channel’s launch

    • Hank

      It doesn’t need anyone’s help. It is , in itself, a parody of the highest order. Truly awful.

      • JWLane

        I made it to 0:26. To anybody with street smarts, he comes across as a sharp looking for a mark.

  • Dan O.

    That had great production value.

  • Okay. So not only are these artists not getting paid in exchange for exclusive rights to their work but their work is now exclusively available in this format.

    “Hey check out my video! Just click here and sit through 4 minutes of a guy pointing a hand-held $3 webcam up his nose to get to it!”

    AND despite his ONLY offering being “the possibility of getting paid to turn it into a series” he spends the whole video ‘suggesting’ they do more with the characters and submit it to him. If it’s worthy of a series why are you not contacting them privately with a financial offer to do so?

  • mj

    have the residuals run out?

  • Julian Carter (not the other Julian)

    Guys, if you check out Hartman’s channel you’ll see he uploaded each short film individually as well, without him eyeing the camera. Also, Rocket Rentals can be seen there in its entirety.

  • Michael

    “…This video of this old man with the sun glasses” Why does every discussion about the internet have to have some ageist crap like this in it? Hey, Mac, that “old man” created and run some of the biggest animated shows ever on tv. What the heck have you done? And by the way, how old are you?

    • Mike

      Biggest animated shows…ever? Um, sorry, I don’t quite see how Fairly OddParents and Danny Phantom stack up to the juggernauts.

  • Cheap !!!

  • Gary

    That third clip is better than the entire video Hartman shot.

  • i really like this guy’s positive attitude. the films are clearly more amateur, but that’s great! He’s getting kids excited about making animation!

  • Steven M.

    The lightbulb one was pretty funny, but the other two were boring. Besides the shorts, the rest with Butch made go “WTH?”

  • Scarabim

    Wow, Butch Hartman and more badly-done cartoons! Can’t miss!

  • With all due respect, is Butch Hartman on crack? He talks about production values whilst shaking a crappy camera in front of his face.

  • tim g

    hehe this strangely reminds my of the charlie sheen internet videos….and a vague resemblance too heeh….

  • Yo!

    Rockin’ shades!

  • Whatever, at least he’s encouraging the youngin’s…

  • Dario

    I really hate that the entertainment now is us, the public, stepping in, creating the stuff to amuse ourselves, going up on stage to sing…. reality shows, American Idol, all that garbage… What’s next we do everything now?

    I want to be entertained by professionals and crazy non professional guys. But this kind of ideas doesn’t have a filter and it will be loaded with TONS of ugly stuff.

    Not to mention the vampire-like purposes of Hartman when he steals your rights. Man, one really has to be desperate when joining these freeloaders.

  • Oh animation – wont you just die already so we can bring you back to life again.

  • Mike Russo

    I’m afraid to watch anything else Hartman does. Because I’m worried it’s just going to be spastic characters with huge black outlines screaming things at me while the music over-accentuates EVERY SINGLE MOVEMENT they make and potentially good jokes are repeated 20-25 times within a 12 minute period.

  • A Long Time Observer (of CB)

    Wasn’t feeling what I saw. I’ll see what other works are chosen to see if I watch the channel permanently.

  • Maya

    The stop-motion one was pretty enjoyable but other than that it was pretty boring. I’m glad Hartman is giving amateur animation enthusiasts some recognition and everything but the incredibly short time frames are making it really hard to get draw anything from these shorts. I know animation takes effort and a lot can be squeezed into a short timeframe, but the 1st and 3rd short didn’t really get anywhere.

  • Frankly the channel should be called “YOU SCREWED”

  • YooScrooed

    Butch Hartman’s face has low production values

  • Stephen M. Levinson

    Dafuq did I just watch??

  • David

    Why are so many people negative towards Butch Hartman? The guy is just trying to encourage young kids to animate. He’s also a huge humanitarian. His non profit organization Hartman House has done incredible work for people around the globe.

    About Hartman House

    Hartman House is a non-profit charitable organization founded in 2005 by Butch and Julieann Hartman. Our motto is simple: “We can for those who can’t!” Our goal is to change the lives of individuals and families in both the U.S. and developing nations through financial and intangible means.

    Mission Statement: Hartman House is dedicated to improving the lives of children and families throughout the world who suffer from poverty and hopelessness by building homes and providing food, education, and spiritual growth.

    For more information on Hartman House please visit our website.

    BAMAJAM: http://www.hartmanhouse.org/bamajam


  • Cynicism boner activated

  • Scarabim

    Nice. But Butch’s charitable works do not negate the ugly, loud, brain-dead, just plain stupid cartoons he makes. If he truly cared about kids, he’d respect their intelligence and their hearts more and put some of each into his cartoons.

  • David

    I disagree. Butch makes great cartoons. They are well designed, funny and charming. Kids and adults alike love his work.

    • Scarabim

      I disagree. “Well designed”? Yeah, if you like sharp edges and flat figures. I think his designs are barely a step above Gumby. Besides, take a look at Fairly Odd Parents – four of the main characters have the same face!

      “Funny”? Wow, I thought *that* was an unlikely description of Butch’s toons, and then you topped it with “charming”.

      Kids and adults do like his work; trouble is, there are a heck of a lot fewer of them these days, according to Nielsen ratings. Despite that, Nick for some reason wants more from Hartman, which indicates that it still hasn’t figured out that the way to keep audiences is NOT to feed them the same old lame stuff that drove them away in the first place.

    • In the case of DANNY PHANTOM, it was Stephen Silver’s character designs that saved the show. Not as great as his work on KIM POSSIBLE, but not bad, either!

      As for Butch’s video, I know the man is egotistical, and I admire that in a person (although I was pretty rough on him in my last comment), but I’m sorry. The video was absolutely unwatchable. I could only watch barely a minute of it. Of what I scanned through, only the third cartoon (ROCKET RENTALS) was any good, IMHO.

      Butch is no Crazy Eddie, that’s for certain. He just came off as lame and condescending in this video.

  • David

    Most of the Peanuts characters have the same face. Calvin and Susie in Calvin and Hobbes have the same face. Mickey and Minnie, Donald and Daisy, Chip and Dale, the only difference between Tom and Jerry’s faces are their ears, the Simpsons are all based on similar faces…. I could go on.

    But hey, you don’t like his work. I get it.

  • Lorelei

    ugh. So far it appears that his theme is: free labor, free material, and set the standard sooooo low that no-one feels intimidated (or inspired.) I’m really sick of this repeated model.

  • Frank Ziegler

    Seems Mr. Hartman has way too much free time on his hands.

  • I think his cartoons are brilliant. I really enjoy them. Now with this revelation of his charitable side, I take my hat off to the lad…. but this yoon toon channel nonsense is a right bag of whelks. It isn’t the man himself that is necessarily rubbish, but this rubbish affair isn’t un-rubbish because he’s a nice guy

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  • CJ

    Butch Hartman is one of those guys who has a lot of talent but doesn’t seem to know how to harness it. His concepts for his shows are great, but the execution is often a hit or miss. It doesn’t help that he treats his audience as though they are mentally stunted toddlers who’s attention can only be grabbed by the jingle jangle of the metaphorical keys that are his characters screaming with outlandish music occurring every other second.

    If Hartman is trying to capture the slapstick humor so eloquently excited in classic cartoons he needs to go back to school and learn the basics because his formula is missing a lot of charm.

    I do wish his channel luck though and hope he can find people more talented than he is in this venture.

    • Exactly, CJ! Those are my sentiments exactly.

      I can’t give Butch credit for everything. On his own, his personal work looks pretty amateurish.

      He wants to be like Seth McFarlane. But here’s the difference; Seth has more resources while Butch can draw better! I’d say these guys should really just join forces.