Greed Greed

The Seven Deadly Sins In Animated GIF Form

French comic artist Boulet (aka Gilles Roussel) animated the seven deadly sins as GIFs. It’s hard to pick, but greed was my favorite in the bunch. Boulet’s Tumblr is also worth a visit.


This way for more sinful animation.







(via Chris Arrant)

  • Those are great!!

  • Gbop

    haha lust is great!

  • Joes


  • Haha, these are great.
    Greed, Lust, Sloth and Envy are funny xD

  • Awesome! Envy would have to be my fave

  • Ha, glad you posted the best one last. :)

  • Matt

    Boulet is an extremely awesome and inspiring dude.

    Could the man himself, or anyone else out there who’s Animation Program savvy have any idea as to what these little GIFS were animated in? Photoshop? TVPaint? I’m assuming the latter because the man is French and so is that program.

    • Hi, and thanks a lot for the article and for the kind comments !
      I don’t know how to use any animation program, so yes, it was made in Photoshop :)

  • Super good stuff.

  • James

    Interestingly, “Wrath” is the only one that does not lead to a gruesome death.

    • I’m not a doctor

      Unless you count severe heart issues and damaging tissue strain.

  • Funkybat

    Very cool. The guy is what I’d imagine Scott Pilgrim to look like in his mid-30s…

  • Aargh, these are beautiful.