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TODAY: Jerry on Stu’s Show

Later today, I’ll be appearing again on Stu’s Show, the popular internet radio program hosted by Stu Shostack. We are going to discuss a wide variety of topics, but essentially we’ll debate the merits of current animated features, TV shows and forthcoming DVD releases (like the upcoming Looney Tunes Platinum Collection Vol. 2 at left). We will also talk about what the acquisition of Classic Media by Dreamworks is going to mean for animation collectors. Stu’s Show will be broadcast live at 7pm Eastern/4pm Pacific at StusShow.com. It’s free to listen live today – but after that you can download the show anytime for a mere 99¢. We’ll take a question or two via phone, but if you have a questions I encourage you to email Stu in advance (email address here) of broadcast. Join us and listen in here.

  • Anthony

    I’m looking forward to any announcement on the next Tom and Jerry set!

  • JP

    Arrgh! I missed the broadcast. Can someone recap in the comments?

  • Toonio

    Funny that Amazon doesn’t show the Vol 2 release.

  • Jow

    You Make A Lot Of Apperances On This Show, Don’t You?