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Toronto Cop Sues YouTube Because He Doesn’t Like Animation

Constable Adam Josephs, whose nickname has become “Officer Bubbles” after he was filmed harassing and threatening a woman for blowing bubbles (see video above), is now suing YouTube claiming that he’s the victim. What’s the cause of harassment? Animation.

Apparently, a filmmaker posted animated videos on YouTube that satirically depict Josephs abusing his power in other ways besides blowing up over bubbles. According to an article in the Globe and Mail:

In his statement of claim, Constable Josephs alleges the cartoons have subjected him to ridicule, and have resulted in threats against himself and his family. He also seeks to compel YouTube to reveal the identities of the person who created and posted the cartoon — identified by the moniker “ThePMOCanada” — and the identities of several people who posted comments in response.

The animations in question depict a policeman identified as “A. Josephs” arresting various people — including Barack Obama and Santa Claus — and beating up a news photographer while funk music plays in the background.

The YouTube account has already been shut down and the videos have been removed from their site. Whether YouTube or the maker of the films removed them, I find the situation to be unfortunate. The type of social commentary in those animated films should never be silenced under threat, and YouTube’s decision to cave in to an irrational lawsuit sends a chilling message to animators and political cartoonists who post their work onto the site.

In the 1800s, cartoonists like Honoré Daumier in France and José Guadalupe Posada in Mexico were jailed for lampooning political figures. Those days were supposed to be long gone in civilized countries, but one police officer in Canada wants to keep persecuting artists and stifling artistic expression by threats of financial harm and judicial intimidation.

Constable Adam Josephs works in Toronto’s 52 Division. You can place a complaint over his bullying behavior with the 52′s Community Relations Officer Constable Michael Moffatt at (416) 808-5291.

UPDATE: Somebody posted all of the Officer Bubbles videos onto YouTube again. They were all created with a free on-line animation program called Go! Animate. Go Animate! has also removed all the Officer Bubbles videos from their site. Crude as the cartoons are, they are quite effective works of satire. We’ve previously reported about easy-to-use web animation software, and an incident like this will only bring more attention to the potential of such products and the continuing democratization of the animation process.

More cartoons after the jump:

(via Boing Boing)

  • “You can place a complaint over his bullying behavior with the 52′s Community Relations Officer Constable Michael Moffatt at (416) 808-5291.”

    …or you can accept that cops are good people doing a very difficult job.

    To put this event in context – the officer was helping to police the G20 summit in Toronto. Masked “protesters” from outside the province and outside of the country had rioted, were smashing store windows and vandalizing private property and businesses.

    The protesters adapted the strategy of wearing black clothing and masks. Once they had thrown a brick, broken a window, set a car on fire – they’d take off the black disguise and wearing their street clothes, blend into the crowd of onlookers.

    Admittedly there was a breakdown of command on the part of the police. There are government investigations ongoing. However I think its pretty stupid to antagonize a police officer under any circumstances. Leave them alone. Let them do their jobs. Its easy to criticize from the safety of your cozy little office. Its hard to wear a badge.

    The YouTube animation does nothing to explain or define the situation that occurred. It only makes the officer’s life and job harder. Canada has very, very strict slander laws. I’m with the cop on this one.

    • amid

      Steve – If a police officer is incapable of controlling his emotions over bubbles, then he shouldn’t be walking around with a loaded gun. Your explanation of other people’s actions as justification for the cop’s abusive behavior toward this particular woman is weak in logic.

      Feel free to take your courageous stand against bubble-blowing and animated filmmaking, but like Officer Bubbles, don’t expect a lot of supporters.

      • Stinking hot day. Nutcases running around the city and some dipsh*t is blowing bubbles in his face.

        Amid, I’d love to see your reaction if you were say, standing in line at the bank and some kid was blowing bubbles in your face…?

        I figure the cop was the model of restraint.

      • amid

        Steve Schnier wrote, Amid, I’d love to see your reaction if you were say, standing in line at the bank and some kid was blowing bubbles in your face…?

        Difference being that:

        a.) I don’t carry a loaded gun.

        b.) Police officers receive specialized training for exactly this type of scenario: how to deescalate tensions during provocative situations. It is their job to execute these duties responsibly and professionally. Nobody was in danger of being harmed, as evidenced by the woman officer’s amused and relaxed attitude, and this officer’s behavior only inflamed the situation and made it more dangerous for everybody involved.

        I should also point out that your rude descriptions of political activists (“nutcases”, “dipsh*t”) says more about your reaction to this situation than anything else.

      • Ha. Amid, we’ll have to agree to disagree.

        I respect political activism. I respect when someone makes an articulate intelligent point. Blowing bubbles is neither.

      • pappy d

        Burning cars & breaking shop windows in Toronto is utterly ridiculous, too. Even if it was my car, I’d see the humor in the situation. But, c’mon! Assaulted by a soap bubble? I’d love to see him testify in court over that one.

      • I love it when people say “let’s agree to disagree”. It usually translates as “I find myself no longer able to penetrate your well-constructed wall of logic, and being at risk of thusly finding fault in my own standpoint I hereby put an and to my participation, and get to have the last word”.

      • Actually, I can easily penetrate Amid’s “well constructed wall of logic” – but I have better things to do with my time.

        I will admit that Amid has made some strong points in his argument – and THAT is EXACTLY THE POINT.

        Amid has a well thought out and well stated point of view. I respect him for his views and would gladly sit down and discuss them with him at any time. There’s a world if difference between Amid’s thoughtful ideas and some idiot blowing bubbles into a cop’s face to provoke him.

      • Not to keep this going, because it’s no longer an animation related debate, but… She didn’t seem idiotic to me (social workers in my experience aren’t usually idiots) and wasn’t blowing them in his face, as clearly indicated by the female cop’s relaxed attitude and conversing until supercop stepped in. And the clincher on any debate should be the fact that it’s not illegal to blow bubbles, and a cop can’t arrest someone simply because he warned them he would. They’re there to uphold the law and maintain peace, not make it up as they go along. The female cop was doing a perfectly fine job until he bulldozed the situation. I’d love to hear her honest take.

        But good luck with your sit-down with Amid. I’m sure he’ll clear his calendar for that one.

      • Steve

        The woman cop handled herself perfectly.

        Case closed on Officer Bubbles.

    • Canucklehead Smit

      I agree with all you say about the police’s job and the chaos of those days but he overreacted like a parent making threats they can’t keep when they lose it. He has a tough job and he made a fool of himself.

      • Texas

        So what if he has made a fool of himself? These animations that are getting undeserved glorification are defamation flat out. There is no valuable social comment at all to be drawn, only a personal defamatory imputation that he is reactionary and incompetent at his job, thus effecting his professional career. I doubt many of the commentators here would be so gun-ho if it was them being made a mockery of in the public media. As a law student I wish him well with his litigation and hope more people realise this is defamation and not “freedom of expression”.

      • Rajesh

        When someone acts a fool, the best way to get them in line is to tease and shame them publicly. We did it to Howard Dean, we did it Republican and Democratic Presidents, and we ought to do it to people who carry guns and can throw us in jail.

        Anything less is cowardly and dishonest. I salute cops who do their job and don’t act like bullies. That’s about 99% of them.

        It doesn’t mean I’m on the girl’s side. But clearly, one person crossed the line. And that person wore a badge.

      • Texas

        Theres a big difference between a politician and a policeman. Any concept that these videos will “get them in line” is ridiculous, just means that the public loses further respect for the people that ARE protecting them and looking out for their best interests. Americas now having to get volunteer policemen and this thread has explained to me why. This policeman has received more criticism and anger than the real criminals of society.

      • MoNiqueeeeee

        this police officer IS a criminal in action and mind. A law enforcement officer is there t UPHOLD the law. an officer who doesn’t understand nor care about and respect the law has no business in any law enforcement capacity. Law’s are not made up by the individual officer as he or she sees fit. These are laws passed by the governing body as PAID representatives of the local and national and global communities. These people acting as civil SERVANTS…have a job of service and protection OF…not from, not against…but OF the people. A meek calm kind woman blowing bubbles happily is hardly a threat to a much taller larger angry hostile rude ignorant law deficient “officer” Anyone who doesnt get such a simple concept may need to be “retrained” in how to use logic and simple discernment of human behavior and civil law. Badges and public office are not blanket position for abuse of power, intimidation and control. end of story. this male, “Officer bubbles”(I dare not insult real men by calling him such)is an imbecile and insecure idiot.

    • Tim Schuit

      If you’re with the cop then you’re a retard.

      It’s a youtube video that makes a joke. If you think someone should be able to win a lawsuit over that then you can go fuck yourself.

      • Wow Amid, I’m surprised that you let this post go given these blatant insults.

      • Thomas Hatch

        Yeah, what the hell?

      • Amid do you mind explaining how Tim’s comment is okay?

    • I’m willing to admit that the policeman has a difficult job, a very hard job, but it’s the essence of our society that the policeman’s job should be hard. He’s there to protect, protect the free citizen, not to chase criminals, that’s an incidental part of his job.

      The free citizen is always more of a nuisance to the policeman that the criminal. He knows what to do about the criminal.

    • I don’t wish to get into a ‘you say’ ‘I say’ type thing but i must say that i was down town when the so called riot happened and the real story is very different from the media’s portrayal. I am sure if you take some time to look into the debarcle and on going indignation over the handling of this conference you will see that there is more involved than burning cars and anarchists running wild

      i am certainly not with the cop on this because it is total bullshit. Take a look at the footage of the montreal protest a year before in which the cops acted as agent provocateur… were caught on it then admited their trespass…

      this cop is a nob head and a worrying example of power gone to the head mentality and complete lack of common sense employed by the police today

    • Dickie

      Fact is: She was warned, she disobeyed. Regardless of the cops emotional control, he gave her a chance and she lost. You do NOT try and call a cop’s bluff.
      Blowing bubbles in someones face, while innocent, maybe seemed derogatory to the cop, and he has better things to do/watch with his time than deal with her. She was warned, she lost. Too bad, so sad.

      • Dee

        You couldn’t be more wrong. She complied. She, and many others in that group(they were being detained en masse) were arrested simply because of the way they looked.

      • Noah

        were you there?

    • Jude

      If you’re with them on it, then you’re an idiot. Some of the comments he’s suing about include “This guy looks in the mirror a lot”, and “lmao that is funny”. I mean, laughing at video isn’t slander, is it? Is saying that someone looks in the mirror a lot really slander, even? I can’t imagine what type of foolish person would actually believe that.

  • Gee, no one can take a joke anymore I guess. I’d love to give that man a piece of my mind. But, for the sake of me accidentaly saying something stupid as well as something I don’t mean, I’ll skip out on this one.

  • Jason

    i’m just curious as to what filled the gaps of the “moments later.” there are two cuts… i’m not defending the officers but i’d like to see the missing footage.

    • yeah, it’s pretty suspect that such a crucial part of the video is cut. Obviously being arrested for blowing bubbles is pretty harsh, but he did explain why ahead of time, and gave ample warning. It’s likely that in the deleted footage, somebody did something particularly antagonistic towards him, with the intention of provoking him.

    • Dee

      If you go to YT you can find a longer clip which explains the whole story. Police were rounding up whole groups of protesters, then locking up the ones who fit a certain profile: bandana, backpack, phone number written on arm. Her getting busted had nothing to do with the bubbles, she would have gotten busted anyway.

  • Tee

    I think the time this ass wasted bullying this bubble girl might have been better spent actually policing the area. If I were king he’d already have been fed to the other policemen and women and Officer Bubbles would be the new Spongebob.

  • FP

    “If a bubble touches me, you’re going to be arrested for assault”. That tells the whole story, and it’s a story that doesn’t inspire kind thoughts about this cop. It’s never wise to threaten anyone, but in this instance it’s hilarious and enjoyable to contemplate this jackass tasting a little fear as a result of his vile nature being widely exposed. It’s disgusting that harmless cartoons that hurt his delicate feelings were pulled down so quickly.

    As for G-20, The cops stood by and did nothing while the “masked protesters” broke stuff and damaged decommissioned police cars that were conspicuously parked and left empty. After the “protesters” unmasked, the cops behaved as too many cops enjoy behaving, barging in with riot gear and going nuts. It’s a weird story that points to all kinds of potential bad things done by the cops involved. Just one link about the goings-on:

  • Canucklehead Smit

    Reality seems more absurd than an animated parody could be. I guess he can’t sue the author of the actual footage… not that I am too sure about animated parodies either.
    This footage of his over-reaching behavior is what “subjected him to ridicule”.
    And now he is resurrecting attention to it again.
    I love the woman constable in this: When he first makes a threat to charge with assault if a bubble touches him, her expression seems to say, you’re kidding, right? Then she has to follow through as not to undermine “Bubbles”.

  • Pedro Nakama

    A lot of people don’t like animation. Including a lot of women that I ask out.

  • Thank goodness we have the animation police to police the regular police.
    I hear they’re also doing great things in people trafficking….

    • I think the cop’s actions are warranted after this issue. He has been slandered and he is trying to fight it. The person making the animation is doing there best as well. The Canadian Courts will have to fight this one out, I know here in the Good ol’ Gun Totting US of A slander is very very very hard to prove. People sue on it all the time and most of the time its just settled.

      As far as arresting while blowing bubbles, it is out of context it was the G20 and there were riots. Even in nyc if you disobey a cop for any reason you will be arrested. They can’t hold you for long without charges but they can arrest you to get you off of the street. In a riot thats the police prerogative right or wrong.

      • Rajesh

        I always find it funny when people use the excuse “a cop gave an order and that person disobeyed”

        No one is arguing against the idea that you shouldn’t do what a cop says.

        But when a cop’s order are to “stop blowing bubbles” it’s perfectly reasonable to see it as a ridiculous abuse of power and laugh at him and get others to laugh at him as well.

        Until he says “stop laughing at me,” that is…

  • Officer Bubbles is a bully and was trying to incite trouble, not stop it. I agree Amid, if he is so fragile he should not be armed. They are trained to de-escalate tense situations and this girl was absolutely no threat. Only a coward would arrest someone that sweet.

    The police were brutal, deceptive and incompetent that day arresting people trying to get to work who had nothing to do with it. Their tactics were illegal under Canadian law so I would love to see a counter suit launched against the police. The irony of course being they caught no one doing the damage to the “abandoned” police cars and store fronts yet manage to arrest hordes of innocents. I’m a big police supporter, it is a hard job, Officer Bubbles needs to find a new vocation as he gives professional policemen a bad name.

  • purin

    The power of animation strikes fear into the hearts of law enforcement!

  • pappy d

    First, I want to be clear that I have only seen this live video, not the animation.

    What a fool!

    The ridiculous will always be subject to ridicule! With this lawsuit he’s simply making himself more ridiculous, God bless him. Is he going to sue the city for making him wear those shorts?

  • Chappell

    Everyone comes out of this looking completely asinine. It will never cease to amaze me that humans work themselves into such ridiculous situations.

    Sue YouTube? If everyone sued YouTube when an embarrassing/slanderous video was posted…

    • Patrice

      how can you be amazed.

      this guy was raging at bubbles.

      You could see the pure anger, almost can see the pure negative raw energy radiating from his body (good ref for animation).

      He got in this state over young hippies disrespecting his authority.

      Imagine the emotional state he must have been when he saw the videos clearly disrespecting him personally and directly making fun of him.

      I would actually fear for my life if i was the one who made the animation and I happen to meet the guy.

      • MoNiqueeeeee

        narcissists are often secretly highly abusive and violent.

  • John

    The officer over-reacted, but at the same time bubble blowing at a protest rally is hardly an adult response. I’d have been peeved too.

  • Mack

    I want to blow some bubbles in Amid’s face while he tries to write one of his enlightening blog entries.
    I wonder what sort of reaction we’d get out of him.

    Silencing the animated parody. Yes, I agree, that’s going too far.

    But trust me, those burn outs that caused trouble in Toronto and damaged our city do not deserve our sympathy.

    If you’re going to sit there and abet a cop, no matter how innocent the action, what do you expect to happen?
    Do you think she was actually attempting to make an intellectual political statement by blowing bubbles in their faces?
    She’s an obnoxious granola girl who was desperate for a reaction to validate her sorry existence. She got exactly what she was looking for.

    • westward ho

      *blows bubble at you*

    • Isaac

      My thoughts exactly. The parodies should be protected under freedom of speech, but as ridiculous as it may sound, blowing bubbles onto people is, legally, assault. The officer explained that she will be arrested if she persists… and then the footage cuts, so we really don’t know what she did.

  • I have a question for all this…If the bubbles did touch him, Wouldn’t the Sunglasses he wore shielded him?//

  • Gamma

    I’m not going to deny this sounds ridiculous at first glance, but since I haven’t seen the animation in question I’m liable to believe that racism may have had something to do with youtube taking down the animation in question. I’m kind of surprised no one in the comments yet has even considered this possibility.

  • justice

    Totally side with the police officer on this one, she was trying to provoke them and they have a hard enough job keeping anarchist from damaging their own cities.

  • Pedro Nakama

    Wow. I wasn’t expecting this. How about an obit of Barbara Billingsley? She did do the voice of Nanny on The Muppet Babies.

  • Amid you probably are one of the first to know the potential power of animation, even badly made animation like what you see on these video’s.

    You don’t need to have strong muscles to bully someone. This officer seems to be getting ridiculed for things he has never done. I believe the Officer when he says that he has been threatened because of the posting of these seemingly misleading videos and the animation. Both the video and animation seem to be unjust propaganda. They do not tell the real story, especially the animation. Instead they seem to be made in order to make fun of the Officer. Really? Is that needed? What did the Officer do that calls for so much ridicule? Obviously the officer is frustrated in the video, but he does not seem to go out of bounds. The girl claims that she does not feel very respected, but I personally would not have much respect for someone blowing bubbles in my face either. The officer does seem to realize his authority and does not take out his gun or physically harm the girl. The Video does not show what the girl did to step over the line and get arrested, conveniently, even though it was moments after the first incident, the video did not get any of it. The animation video’s just seem to inaccurately portray the cop as a lunatic who does not care about any kind of justice.

    I guess what I am trying to say is, why shouldn’t the officer bring this up with authority? What makes the blunt deception we see in the animation okay? Supporting these animation video’s just feels like supporting cyber bullying.

  • Robin

    The point of the freedom of speech is so when people make stupid decisions then they are held accountable for their actions. Whether arresting that girl was right or wrong is not the issue here.

    Knowing there was a camera present and still making a big deal out of nothing hardly makes his side worth taking, though.

  • Honestly, I think both of them acted inappropriately. The police officer should not have over reacted the way he did and the woman who was arrested should not have continued blowing bubbles in the officers face when he asked not too. I know it seems trivial. But she was egging him on.

  • BR Inle

    Alright, yes. The protesters were being bad. They shouldn’t do that. If they break the law, cops are authorized to arrest them, wave guns, etc. And honestly, if someone was blowing bubbles in my face, I would be pretty pissed off. I strongly dislike pinkos with bubble soap.
    I would also bet that Officer Bubbles’ life has NOT actually been ruined. It sounds like maybe he’s too sensitive for the force. :)

  • FP

    -They do not tell the real story, especially the animation. Instead they seem to be made in order to make fun of the Officer. Really? Is that needed?–

    Yeah. It is needed. Cops SHOULD be better than most people. Rational. Mature. Able to identify and shrug off trifling non-offenses. I would expect that from anyone licensed to bear arms to keep the peace. The bubble girl is a damn silly hippy. Violently reacting to her antics is like punching a kitten with a hammer for playing with string. The kitten is a idiot and no harm will be done by allowing string-play. Return to your homes.

    • We did not see what she did to get arrested. What the officer did on camera can hardly be labeled as “violently reacting”. Even if the officer was somewhat in the wrong, making fun of him hardly gets anything done, it just tends to bring more anger and hurt. Two wrongs do no make a right. This is a issue hardly worth paying attention to let alone supporting.

  • If the guy can’t manage to stand around while a girl blows bubbles without being a complete dick about it then maybe he’s in the wrong job. It’s not hard – my little one loves bubbles and I haven’t once arrested her.

    Maybe he was having a bad day. That’s cool. We all have bad days. But, when we have bad days, we do a crappy drawing. No big deal. Someone in his position, on the other hand, needs to show more restraint.

    But suing YouTube? That’s where it just gets funny. No wonder he is being subjected to ridicule. Some people invite the ridicule. And demanding that YouTube reveal the identities of the creators? If he’s such a tosser to a girl blowing bubbles, is he going to go on the complete rampage if he finds out who bruised his precious ego?

    If anything, Officer Bubbles should be embracing stardom. He could totally get his own reality TV show from here.

  • Abe

    I can’t believe how many commenters on here think the cop’s behaviour is justified

  • I’m Canadian, and I can tell you that the G20 summit was something that all Canadians were ashamed of. Peaceful protesters were thrown in jail for quite literally standing around. Steven Harper, our illustrious and useless Prime Minister, actually ended up using a private security firm – NOT the actual RCMP.
    Back to the topic at hand – these animations should not be censored. He can QQ all the way home; we’re allowed our freedom.

    • EDL

      People were also arrested simply leaving a restaurant. The entire debacle is a shameful mess.

  • Wayne

    The cop didn’t feel good with the bubbles, so he lashed out. The animators didn’t feel good with the cop’s behavior so they lashed out. The cop didn’t feel good about his behavior being shown on Youtube so he lashed out. And the green grass grew all around all around…..

  • Krayon

    If he don’t like bubbles, then gawd, then you can imagine how his kids are, no cartoons and just all reality shows. Dude got one big bubble up his ass.

    Really in situations like this

    a) Tried his best to ignore her of best of his will like the female officer.

    b) Make conversation so she can stop

    c) Politely ask her to stop before being a total ass

    d) Just make the best of it.

  • pat

    Wahhhhh. Big tough piggy scared of soap, scared of a little girl, and scared of cartoons.

    If this is the police force of Canada they had better ban whiffle bats before someone stages a coup.

  • Officer Bubbles should have googled “Streisand Effect” before letting his hurt feelings overwhelm him…

  • James Mcdade

    Steve, she wasnt blowing them anywhere near him, get a grip. I understand what you mean, cops are there doing a difficult job, I understand this very well, during my 25 years on the streets but how the heck does that justify Officer Bubbles actions? He needs to be doing his job properly. Cops are here to serve and protect the community, not abuse it! Thats what they taught us!
    Grow up Steve!

    • @James Mcdade. I’m a big supporter of the police. And while I agree that Officer Bubbles overreacted – everyone has a bad day.

      Have you ever screamed at your kid in public? Have you ever done something that you later wish you hadn’t? Constable Joseph’s bad luck is that it was caught on video – which (more bad luck) went viral.

      Sure, things could have been handled better – but assuming that you’re really a cop/former cop – I think you’d be the first one to cut the guy some slack.
      So get of your high horse and grow up yourself, James.

      • James Mcdade

        Hahaha, cool, I enjoyed reading your reply Steve, thanks.
        Anyway, yes, everyone has a bad day, but unfortuntely in our kind of work, having a bad day can get people killed. Its a very tough job, that requires absolute full dedication. Exactly like an air traffik controller, guiding planes down the runaway. Lets hope nobody is having a bad day when I return from Europe!
        I appreciate/thank your efforts for sticking up for the police, however, reading your comments, I think your a little confused/misguided as to what our duties entail, to protect and serve the community. In this case, with my own judgement from what I read and the videos, he was quite clearly not having a bad day, and has poor judgements on the community. I feel officer Bubbles really needs disiplinary action or at least some retraining on his attitute as a police officer. Lets hope this kind of thing stops happening and the community can protest freely without fear.

  • Wayne

    If bubbles freak this guy out, then Youtube could easily cause brain damage. Thank God all cops aren’t this sarcastic and belligerent!

  • Regardless of your political views on the situation, this only proves how the cartoon satire is effectively working to bring the issue to the foreground. I live in Toronto, and of course I’m aware of the debate of aggressive policing, but hadn’t heard of this case. And regardless of what you think of the animation, it’s obviously shedding public light on the situation.

    The cartoonist is using their abilities to spread the word. Job done.

  • d. harry

    He should have shot her. those damn bubbles could have blinded someone!

  • Mike

    I think he overreacted to the bubbles, but you never know, right? Look at those poor RCMP officers who were forced to take out that poor Polish visitor in BC last year with about a trillion volts of taser after he threatened them with a deadly, plutonium-armed stapler. This was sarcasm.

  • jtOuimet1913

    I’m going to come out and say that the video was in bad taste, and only makes the situation worse for a guy whose over humiliated for doing his job. That girl was clearly harrassing him, and what got her in trouble was her immaturity! It’s funny to see Donald Duck get the crap beat out of him from his nephews, but we still emphesize with him cause we’re no better and that they’re children.

    I guess this is besides the point the article was put up in the first place, which is that he’s suing youtube for the videos. I don’t even think the videos are good. they’re crude, uninspired, and not funny. If its going to be crude, could you at least make it look like some effort was put into it. If not, then don’t do it at all!

    So yeah, I think I’m going to side on steve on this one.

  • pizzaforeveryone

    hmm. Seems like youtube’s policy is to just take down videos that are the least bit in violation or controversial. They know that the buzz generated by any scandal will just cause others to upload the video again, and they can say they made a reasonable effort to remove the video in a court of law.

    I guess it’s easier for sites like these to just remove content rather than make convoluted outlines of what is and isn’t allowed on their websites. Same thing with facebook removing images of breastfeeding because they are “obscene.”

    But I’m glad we live in an age when we can monitor our law enforcement officers. Look how this situation is handled reasonably–officers reacting to open gun carrying laws in California: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jvb57MFKhqg

    And this is a man carrying a gun, not bubbles (not trying to make any statement on gun laws, etc). Notice how both the officer and the man in question are documenting the event. Everybody knows what their rights and they state them, politely, each knowing full well this footage will find it’s way to the internet.

  • Maybe he should sue for a “based on characters created by” credit.

    G20 protesters don’t seem to understand the concept of “peaceful assembly” and their violent actions that harm innocent people do nothing to advance their cause, whatever it is.

    The girl blowing the bubbles has chosen an easy target for her public display but not the right target. She’s ripe for a cartoon herself.

  • TheVok

    The female officer is a reasonable human being and you can see how embarrassed she is by her colleague who is contributing all of the tension. It’s not illegal to blow bubbles outdoors, folks, not even here in Canuckistan.

  • w

    That officer needs to work some stuff out before he goes back on the street.

    The cops in Vancouver handled the Olympics protest much better than the TO guys did at the G20…de-escalation is the key, according to a cop I know who trains rookies for the force in Van…whatever stuff this officer might have had going on just affected his job and put him in this weird lawsuit sitch.

  • «In the 1800s, cartoonists like Honoré Daumier in France and José Guadalupe Posada in Mexico were jailed for lampooning political figures.»
    Just a correction:Posada never was in jail.It’s an urban legend —in fact he died at least 6 months before Victoriano Huerta started jailing and killing journalists and cartoonists that criticized him.

  • Rooniman

    Dumbest reason to sue somebody I’ve ever heard. Stupid cop.

  • SJ

    This cop must think hes Mohammad – not to be cartooned or ridiculed. What next: Draw Officer Bubbles Day?

  • Bob

    There are too many people in police uniform who shouldn’t be. One of the gretest threats to our country is an police force that will not be held in check….

  • Was my face red

    What’s worse about the Youtube attitude is how hard it is for some people to get videos taken down that cause them massive pain and distress but don’t happen to be in positions of power. Currently running are many examples of gang vids where kids boast of shooting or shanking real people (with real families) which stay online because the Tube believes in ‘free speech’.

  • I hear they’re cracking down on rainbows in Toronto too.

  • P

    happy to say I just pitched “the Adventures of Officer Bubble & Bubblegirl” to Nick and and we already have a green light…That was easy.

  • Brad Constantine

    more proof that the pen is mightier than the sword…

  • People often wonder if there’s a left-wing equivalent to Tea Partiers. It’s G20 protesters. Lots of shouting, lots of victimhood, no solutions offered.

    But the cop doesn’t know what her true intentions are.

    Is she just a dope blowing bubbles or is she trying to distract him from someone one doing something else? It would only take a minute or two to get into position to do something serious. He’s tasked with providing security for 20+ world leaders; it’s not unreasonable to suspect that genuine trouble makers are there too and wonder if there’s more to her than just the bubbles and to solve the problem by getting her out of there.

    If she had been blowing bubbles at US Secret Service guarding the President she would have been hustled out of there before she got her bottle open.

    Pairing the pimp music with the black cop is an unseemly touch; there’s nothing pimp about him or his demeanor. If you were casting a pimp voice in a cartoon he’d wouldn’t get the part.

  • Jeff Kurtti


  • totrecal

    searched everywhere to find the “banned” cartoons. nice to see there is a place where “officer bubbles” doesn’t intimidate.

  • Josef

    I don’t know, the officer seems to be overreacting a little to the bubbles, but not nearly as much as people are overreacting to this video. She was obviously provoking him.

    I think the animator’s time would be better spent on something more important like the recent police brutality videos.

  • if anything ‘office bubbles’ should be peeved at the simplicity of the animation in question. no motion captured actoors!? no stereo 3d glassez required??!? where’s the ambient occlusion pass? soo cheap! what an insult :|

    constable bubbles should probably just chill out. he’ll soon be in the annals of silly-news-time next to ‘joe the plumber’. he’s just an aggro no-name cop in toronto with obviously a teenyweeny sense of humor. no need for youtube (or the anim artist) to give him tons of moneys.

    and i’m pretty sure those fancy vests are bubble proof.

    PS ‘bubble chick’ is annoying too (and the video editing is definitely suspect). but hippy humor is just too played out

  • Most overrated blow job on the web.

  • oh geez

    Wow, that abusive cop sure did abuse that girl everyone feel sorry for her

  • Maxie

    BUBBLES: *flying through the air* Whee!
    OFFICER: What’s your name, little girl?
    BUBBLES: Bubbles!
    OFFICER: Bubbles?
    BUBBLES: Is there anything wrong with that?
    OFFICER: You are going to be put into custody.
    BUBBLES: Why?
    OFFICER: I hate bubbles.
    BUBBLES: I’m not blowing any– oh.
    *Bubbles gets cuffed*
    BLOSSOM: Looks like we’ve got another crook on our hands, and he doesn’t even look like one!
    BUTTERCUP: Oh, brother.

  • “Really? Is that needed? What did the Officer do that calls for so much ridicule?”

    1) being a macho douchenozzle.

    2) having ZERO sense of humour.

    3) doing both of these things on camera.

    Guy has about as much seeming discipline as that shining example of self-restraint that knocked over a bicyclist in NY and then tried to charge the victim with assaulting an officer. Meanwhile, the lady cop takes it stride all the while looking embarrassed at her colleague’s overreaction. They’re freakin’ BUBBLES, sir!

  • Dr. Ivo Robotnik


  • Toonio

    Canadians will struggle for years to pay off the debt produced by the G20 scan and this guy cries foul over an animation? Police forces in Canada should be ashamed of having a guy like Sgt Bubbles as their colleague.

    • Dr. Ivo Robotnik

      His coworkers are probably afraid of him.

  • nnc

    i hate the girl and the cop, her for intentionally being a snide smart ass
    and the cop for being a bitchy c*#!

  • That “officer of the law” is a meathead. He should play pro hockey, football, or wrestling instead to channel that enormous anger and hostility he already has inide him. That sweet young lady was doing somethging so harmless, so lightweight, so delightful; blowing bubbles, that it incensed the uptight, wound tight, psycho cop, who clearly was salivating at the chance to bash in the head of this young woman; a threat to his fragile ego, his shaky manhood, his phony macho BS veneer. He is clearly a man with ISSUES so deep that he qualifies for therapy for the next 30 years. Hiding behind a badge, he is deluded into thinking he is protecting the citizenry from the “dangerous” behavior of the innocent girl. What a dweeb freak. Poor girl.

    • In fairness, the girl was being passive agressive in her protest:
      “What? Little ol’ me? I was just minding my business blowing bubbles in your face.” [bats eyelashes]

      But the officer still behaved like a bour. It was innocuous; it was not assault and not an issue to arrest. It was something he could have and should have ignored.

  • The headline made me think of “Cobra Bubbles”. Which is an actual animation reference.

    Isn’t the overlooked controversy here is that somebody is actually deliberately aping the Seth McFarlane style? Ugh!

    • That’s what I was most upset about too.

  • The G-20 was a horrible time to be wandering around the streets of Toronto. Any sensible person would’ve STAYED HOME. I don’t give a shit WHAT your personal views are on the situation. If you were out on the streets and in the area of where the protests were happening during the G-20, then you were out to cause shit in some way and deserve EVERYTHING you got for the effort. I’m sick and fucking tired of everyone moaning about being mistreated by the police. Guess what.. I don’t fucking CARE! You were caught out in amongst the stupidity that went on in the streets that weekend BECAUSE YOU WERE THERE BY CHOICE!!! Who’s fucking fault was that? I have no pitty for this girl.. Yes she is a GIRL, not an adult.. An ADULT would have more sense.

    If you need to moan about your right to protest, I agree.. But after a certain point there was no peacefull protesting going on. You know why? Because as soon as the non-peacefull protesting started, all the sensible people went the fuck HOME! Who was left? RIOTERS. Rioters, and those too fucking stupid for their own good.

    • perry t.

      there are reruns of barney and teletubbies on if you need to like, you know…relax.

      • Dave

        Yeah, so don’t ever, y’know, watch a protest, or support a protest, or even, God forbid, BE IN a protest, because you’re just antagonizing the police. Be smart and stay in your home. (This message brought to you by the Powers-that-Be)

  • John OB

    stupid Canadians, if you want freedom you should move to the U.S. “oh no, we like snow and moose and free healthcare” yeh well… you get what you ask for suckers :)

    • Noah

      move to the U.S. and be hated by everybody in the world, live with a nation full of obese dolts and religious clods and eat processed food? I’ll take a pass, Thank you.

  • Abe

    If you want to see the context of what happened in the video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bVwXOKZh4Os

    The protesters in the video were held against their will for hours on end for doing nothing,and the majority of them were peaceful,only one small group destroyed property and they weren’t stopped by the police


  • Bart

    Poor widdle baby powicemen. Awwwwww!

  • A

    Someone should save them so they can be reposted if they are taken down again

    • Joe

      MANY people have saved them… that’s probably how they made it back online!

  • Oniga Prime

    The cop is a tard. It does not matter if she was provoking him. He should have realized such and delt with it sanely. If someone is irritating me, I don’t try to scare them into stopping. For some reason, when a cop can’t do something legally, they always throw the “I will arrest you if you continue” ploy, hoping the citizen has no awareness of the law(which they usually don’t, and why it often works).

    I either remove myself from the situation or engage them in their game. As tough as he wants to believe he is, he should’t let some “girl blowing bubbles” get to him in that manner. He could have simply moved away, or had some fellow officers escort her to another part of the crowd, or a few blocks away.

    If I were a cop, I would even do it nicely. “Hey, how are yah!?, greeeeat..I’m going to need you stand waaay over here and blow your bubbles. They sure do look nice. You enjoy the rest of your afternoon!” I would even go so far as to do that to the same person multiple times until they get annoyed that I’m not getting annoyed by them.

  • Innadiated

    Lots of dis-info on this subject is out there.

    First of all I want to make some corrections to statements I see here:
    “There was a riot in progress” — Nope, the riot happened later and the police let it happen (admitted on CBC by a police officer who quoted “We had to let crime happen to protect our agenda”)
    “The cartoons do not depict what actually happened, and only make fun of the officer” — Actually, each cartoon mocks a specific injustice witnessed at the G20. Officer Bubbles is just the poster child of these injustice. For instance the one with the weapons display makes fun of Chief Blair holding a news conference in which he displayed foam weapons, and other weapons not even related to the G20. These can be seen on youtube as well. Try searching “g20 weapons” and tell me that isn’t funny!

    The 5 meter law cartoon, mocks the actual secret 5 meter law!

    The list goes on. Want to know what actually happened? http://www.torontog20exposed.ca/ Watch this video, its 2 hours long and documents the whole summit.

  • Noah

    What is that dumb woman doing, trying to be cute, blowing bubbles at an officer of law. Utterly disrespectful. She should be slapped repeatedly about the face for taking an officer for a 3rd grader. I think the officer handled it well.

  • Marc Baker

    I would love to see some bitter cartoon fan sue the broadcast stations for dumping cartoons off their schedules, or some bitter TV viewer suing Fox because he doesn’t like ‘American Idol’ hogging up the schedule, or some bitter music fan suing MTV because he doesn’t like their vapid reality shows. Or better yet, someone sue Summit Entertainment because he doesn’t like seeing ‘Twilight’ all over the place.

  • Eric

    I don’t know why, but I am constantly amazed by how many people fall right into the “well, he/she got what they deserved” when it comes to cop v. civilian, but when a loosely wired authoritarian cry baby gets lampooned because he lost his mind over some hippy chick blowing soap bubbles then OH NOES – one must NEVER poke fun at our heroic, upright, brave (tazer crazy) boys in blue. You guys are kidding right? I mean I guess there is a place for animators who avoid parody and controversy but EVERYBODY can’t work on Veggie Tales movies and Strawberry Shortcake cartoons.

    The cop lost his nut, that was DAMN funny stuff! If he can’t handle the criticism he should stop acting crazy. Suing YouTube? Even funnier! He’s coming unglued faster than Britney Spears.

  • randy teetzel

    I’m reminded of the words of Stephen Stills from the song “For What It’s Worth” written as a commentary to the Chicago Police riots during the 1968 Democratic convention… “Nobody’s right, if everybody’s wrong”
    All that was required by both parties was a show of mutual respect rather than one of confrontation. No one is inclined to take umbrage at someone who treats them with the respect that all of us rightfully deserve. It just seems that too many of us are preoccupied with the level of respect that others show us, without concerning ourselves with the respect we show to them. Its a simple thing everyone. Just treat everyone the way you would like to be treated. If they don’t do the same, the problem isn’t yours, but at least you can move forward with pride….simple isn’t it? How come nobody seems to get it?

  • Dave

    Tin cops and Chief Blair’s coming,
    We’re finally on our own,
    This summer I hear the drummin’,
    Bubbles in To-ran-to!

  • Noah

    No man with his balls attached would find this woman’s immaturity funny. If you were him, would you stand there like a fucking nelly or a weak-dick nerd and laugh it off like nothing happened or would you be assertive and tell her to stop with steel strong resolve? He did exactly that. Of course if I were him I wouldn’t drop a bunch of legal passages on a simple fuck like her, then again I’m not a cop. I mean, was that pierced girl protesting by blowing bubbles at an officer of law or did she take him for a third grader and trying to be cute? Utterly disrespectful to someone who’s only doing his job. She got plenty warning before getting arrested. Go ahead cry a fucking river.

    • No man “with his balls attached” would have been threatened by that girl.

  • lister

    Somebody blowing bubbles is not an act of aggression. If another individual is offended by this act and nicely asks the person blowing bubbles to stop, nobody would have a problem.

    When somebody threatens another human being with being physically restrained and transported against their will to another location, this is an act of aggression. This act may be justified in some situations, but not for blowing bubbles during a political demonstration.

    Our forefathers fought to the death to ensure our freedom. Surely they didn’t fight this hard so that future government agents would threaten to take away the liberty of our children for blowing bubbles.

    If a filmmaker chooses to exercise his right to freedom of expression under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and poke fun at the Government agent for what he perceived to be an abuse of power, he is so justified. In places like California Officer Bubbles would be subject to the anti-SLAPP (Strategic lawsuit against public participation) laws if he filed a lawsuit against the filmmaker. Surely laws like that would make government agents think twice before using the courts in an attempt to quash political speech.

  • I just want to chime in and say I liked the cartoons. The guy’s an obvious asshat and if someone in his position can’t be made fun of, who can? People in authority need to be made fun of when they do stupid things. It keeps us all honest.

  • Rodney

    Bring on the Officer Bubbles reality tv show! They could call it BEAT DOWN!!

    He’s a bully and a moron. Plain and simple. He deserves every bit of ridicule he gets. The woman officer is totally relaxed. Why? Because nothing is happening that merits a response from her. The cartoons are clearly satirical. They are making fun of his over-reaction and also making a valid point about the ludicrous spin doctoring the police use every time they over react. Sorry, but police deal with the public, function within the public, are a public institution, etc. They are fair game for social commentary of this sort.