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Trailers From Hell

Okay, this is slighty OT, but I absolutely love it.

Our cartoon pal Joe Dante (Looney Tunes: Back In Action) and his movie director buddies John Landis (Animal House), Edgar Wright (Shaun of the Dead), Mary Lambert (Pet Sematary) and Mick Garris (Tales From The Crypt) have teamed up to create a website/podcast where they do audio commentary on their favorite exploitation movies—not the films themselves, but the 3-minute trailers.

As they say, “Even a bad movie can have a great trailer.” The initial videos on Trailers From Hell are funny, informative and very entertaining. I already have dibs on doing guest commentary for some animated features from hell (I can think of quite a few trailers that qualify). In the meantime, check out the inaugural offerings. Highly recommended.

  • Adam

    I wish they’d do a full movie. That’d be fun!
    Mike Nelson and some of the former cast members of MST3K are doing feature length downloadable commentaries (called RiffTrax) on blockbuster films–ones they could never get on the show. They haven’t done any animated films yet though.

  • Steve Gattuso

    Actually, Mike & Co are now doing DVD releases as well under the name “The Film Crew.” The first releases are coming at the end of this month.

    As for this website, it’s great. Be sure to watch the trailers without commentary first. It makes the final result much more satisfying.

  • Brandon Pierce

    Even a GOOD movie can have a TERRIBLE trailer. I’d like to see Joe Dante rip apart the trailer to Don Bluth’s The Secret of Nimh!
    It’s good to know Joe Dante is still working. I wish he’d do more movies.

  • Chuck R.

    I’m kind of a typography nut, and I’m always riveted by the cheesy letterforms in those trailers and the way they move. The website’s absolutely fantastic, but I wish they captured more of that hand-lettered feel in the design.

    The caricature of Tor with the spook-lighting is excellent!
    Kudos to all involved.