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25 Animation Twitters

Did you know that Adventure Time creator Pen Ward drinks Shasta Cola in the bathtub? How about that Sony animator Kim Hazel wants a remote control airplane? Or that even Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane can’t get decent customer service from AT&T? If you love useless minutiae about the lives of other people, Twitter can fulfill those needs.

Animation artists are beginning to join the site in significant numbers, though at the moment the number of graphic designers and illustrators using the service seems to outweigh the number of animators. If you’re just getting started with Twitter, here’s our list of twenty-two animation Twitterers who are worth following, as well as three feeds that are related to Cartoon Brew and the Brewmasters. Feel free to share your suggestions for twittering animators in the comments.

Cartoon Brew Twitters
Cartoon Brew
CartoonBrew: Our official Twitter.

Jerry Beck
JerryBeck: Experience the excitement of Jerry’s Hollywood highlife.

Amid Amidi
Amid: My occasional musings from the East Coast.

Animation Artists

Graham Annable

Bryan Brinkman (NY animator made Web-famous by Jimmy Fallon)

Lili Chin

Elliot Cowan

Donnachada Daly

Mike Geiger

Kim Hazel

Jim Hull

Elizabeth Ito

Ward Jenkins

Clay Kaytis

Marc Lougee

Seth MacFarlane

Dax Norman

David O’Reilly

Sean Pecknold

Rauch Bros. Animation

Jeff Scher

Tiny Inventions


Joel Trussell

Pendleton Ward

  • Awesome thanks!

  • I have started an animation group in Twittgroups, there are quite a few of us there already, feel free to join us. #animation

    Sliced Bread Animation (UK)

  • im honored to be on this list with such great animators. thanks so much guys!

  • Sweet! Thanks for this!


  • Jim

    So this is the reason for all the new followers…I thought it strange that everyone was adding me after my violent thoughts towards those damn birds…now I know the real reason why – lol. Thanks.

  • My twitting suggestion:

    Stop twitting and get back to work!!! :D

  • I was wondering where all these new “followers” were coming from…
    Thanks, Mr Amidi.

  • No way that’s really Seth MacFarlane. This guy’s grammar is the pits.

  • A Reader

    For now, Twitter seems to be getting the same kind of attention from the MSM that bloggers used to get, i.e., it’s negatively portrayed as a matter of “who cares what some guy had for breakfast or when he scratched his nose?” making it sound totally dull and pointless. While a little absurdity & wit in 140 characters(including spaces) is fun, the great attraction of tweets imo is finding out bits of news & people’s recommendations, including the instant feedback on things like the opening of a new film, info a realtime event of some significance, or what’s happening locally in a strange place when you’re traveling via your iphone. ALSO, Often someone shares a great link that you’d never otherwise see. That alone makes it worthwhile.

    The lamest twitter folk-and there are plenty-are those who only promote themselves or their products, incessantly. BTW, the Brew people never seem to update much.

  • Woah, thanks for the link Amid! :D

  • Who the fuck cares????…The sad thing is that eventually I will care.

  • Funny, I was just thinking this weekend that I need to find more animation Twitterers and here’s the list!
    This one’s for Jim Hull: tweet tweet!

  • Graham

    Well, I’d like to meet more animation twitterers too…so…

  • Thanks for the mention, guys! Maybe one day I’ll talk about animation again.

  • I’ve found that is usually the best place to find twitterers by tag.

  • Belgian

    David Silverman:

  • Hey Amid, thanks for the mention. I was anti-Twitter for a long time, but I just recently set up a page. Initial thoughts – it’s actually fairly interesting/useful. Another good way to connect and stay in touch with people on the web.

  • Well, Pen Ward has my interest, as usual. His twitter linked me to a drawing of Lucio Fulci in a hooded jogging suit… holding an axe.

  • Peter Leisetreter

    “If you love useless minutiae about the lives of other people, Twitter can fulfill those needs.”

    Next step:
    = Twitnest creates a visualization of your Twitter social graph. See who’s following who. […]

    Other Mashups are described here:

  • like Mike Rauch, I was initially opposed to the idea of Twitter. When you describe what the services is, its sounds totally useless. It really is a great resources if used correctly.

    Check out illustrator Francis Vallejo Twitter Feed

  • Jason Brown

    Yay for Kim a Dax. Ringling represent.

  • I’d like to meet more animation twitterers too…

  • Take some advice from Werner Herzog:

    “It is my firm belief, and I say this as a dictum, that all these tools now at our disposal, these things part of of this explosive evolution of means of communication, mean we are now heading for an era of solitude. Along with this rapid growth of forms of communication at our disposal – be it fax, phone, email, Internet or whatever – human solitude will increase in direct proportion.”

    A filmmaker who is more of a cartoonist than most people in animation!

    artists are still for the most part socially inept. They can talk online, but have trouble holding a conversation in the studios they work at. I would not endorse this Twitter business.

  • I’m a Twitter animator too: :)

  • I figured I would join the party.

  • Cool, thanks for the links, very useful, as ever.

    I followed them all.

    Yours truly


  • Thanks for the list

    This is our twitter id