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WB Classic Animation on Facebook

Warner Home Video has launched a Facebook page that is worth a look – and a “Like”. WB Classic Animation went live late yesterday and the first thing posted is a simple comparison video showing two steps in the restoration process for upcoming Tom & Jerry Golden Collection Blu-Ray DVD set. But coming in the next few days and weeks will be direct input from Senior VP George Feltenstein, including new product information direct from the source, with accurate on-sale dates and content information on new releases.

I’m always asked how one can communicate directly with Warner Home Video. At last, I have an answer. You can now voice your opinions, ask your questions and send your comments to the powers that be – and they will actually read it. George Feltenstein himself will be doing a once-a-month live Q&A; their will be clips, previews and contests. Note that this Facebook page is solely for information on their classic theatrical cartoon library – Looney Tunes and Tom & Jerry titles for now; hopefully Popeye, Tex Avery, Censored 11 in the future. Other classic properties owned by the studio (Hanna Barbera TV cartooons, animated features and TV specials, etc.) are not being covered on this page.

So go on over there and “like” ’em. And keep checking in to see what’s up… doc.

  • Which is actually more authentic to the original?
    I like the restoration much more, but the difference is pretty dramatic.

  • The Expert

    That “final” Tom and Jerry screen hardly looks any better than the common Turner prints on the Spotlight Collections.

    Y’know, instead of wasting manpower chatting about these cartoons on Facebook, Warner could do something really revolutionary and, I don’t know, fricking release them.

  • I’d love to join, but alas I can’t be on Facebook right now (yeah, yeah, average American, go ahead and laugh!)

    Anyways, people should do stuff. Like polls (What would you want on DVD and Blu-ray? We will start working on from greatest to least… 1. The Complete Famous Studios Popeye in Living Color (1943-1957) 2. Tex Avery collection 3. The Censored 11 4. First Time on DVD and Blu-ray Looney Tunes cartoons (i.e. A Day At The Zoo)

  • Justin Delbert

    This is good news and one of the reasons why I joined facebook in the first place(when it was unoficially announced on Stu’s Show by Jerry Beck). The comparasons on the Tom and Jerry resoration is something I want to talk about. The raw scan on the right I believe is a fake. However, open up another tab and type in Tom and Jerry Flirty Birdy on Youtube. Pause both videos and the same place. You will see the difference and be convinced. Also, if you have all the Spotlight Collections along with the Warner Bros. Acadamy Awards Collection, you at home right now can tell the difference. I was amazed with the restoration of Yankee Doodle Mouse. Counting down the days til it comes out baby!!!!

  • Nipplenuts McGurk

    I hope they release Cats Don’t Dance and Powerpuff Movie on Blu-Ray in their original aspect ratios…something that unfortunately never happened on DVD. Also – Iron Giant Blu-Ray! :)

    • Actually, a few years back, Cats Don’t Dance DID get a DVD release in its correct aspect ratio in Germany! :) Complete with English audio and subtitles as well as lots of other languages. I’ve got that edition of the film myself.

      • Chris Sobieniak

        Yes that’s the best we can hope (I still have my LD copy on the other hand).

  • Bob Porrazzo

    Gonna give this FB page a ride.

  • Nicole A

    Too funny! I “liked” them yesterday since WB sent me an email about the new Tom & Jerry set. Was sad to see they only had (when I joined) about 85 “likes”. Who knew they just started the page yesterday … cool beans can’t wait to see what else they have up their sleeve!!

  • The “Raw” is misleading.

    Almost certainly they have scanned the film in a format (OpenEXR, for example) that has far more latitude than the light transmitted through the print. To not do so would risk losing information at the extremes of brightness, but to idly convert that back down into a regular image format for the web creates an artificially distorted appearance.

    To the naked eye the original film likely looks much more like the “restoration” than the “raw”. I’ve never seen old film that turned grey like that “raw”.

  • Kyle Maloney

    Isn’t this the same crap Disney sometimes does with their fake before and afters? Its like they turn down the saturation, contrast and brightness to make you think they did this amazing restoration job.

    • I think they have a department for that, where experts spend the day making some selected original look drab and washed out, while artfully adding scratches, water drops, holes, and magic marker scribbles.

  • The restored version of Tom and Jerry looks good, although it’s impossible to judge properly on a small computer screen and, additionally, the clips are shown in the wrong aspect ratio. Also, when did that cartoon EVER look as bad as it does on that obviously fake “raw scan”? I have this cartoon on a standard European DVD edition from years back (most likely the exact same print that’s been on Cartoon Network for decades), and it looked miles better than this.

    (Nit-picking aside, I’m still very much (extremely much!) looking forward to the first volume of Tom and Jerry’s Golden Collection! :)

  • akira

    oh man, yes hopefully the censored 11 (at least coal black)and complete tex… please put these out PLEASE!!! this will be the only way to test how blu and dvd sales compare because all the tom and jerry and looney tunes have already been out on dvd (at least most of it)

  • Occams Breadknife

    Well, I am not a facebook fan. I don’t understand why they’d not do a parallel page on this neat technology called “a web – page” that is not on yet another thing you have to sign into to use.

  • Keegan

    I hate how they over-saturate the colors in classic cartoons when “restoring” them. I’m sure it has a lot of DVNR trouble too.

    • I’ve spent hours researching 35mm nitrate Warner and MGM prints from the 1940s. They actually do have those rich, bright colors you’re calling over-saturated.

      We’re just not used to them, that’s all—after many years spent watching duller, muted reissue prints.

      • John

        Thanks David. I’ve always suspected the original cartoons were highly saturated. They were filmed in Technicolor after all, which was a very expensive process, but yielded beautiful saturated color that has never been surpassed.

  • Kevin Martinez

    Oversaturate? The color on the new Blu-Ray looks worse than that of the copy used for the Art of Tom and Jerry Laserdisc from almost 20 years ago.

    Of course, Warner can’t be expected to do anything right, can they?

  • James Mason

    I’m fairly convinced that this new Facebook page was created to funnel cartoon questions from the Warner Archive Collection Facebook page, since the guys in the WA aren’t whether many classic material will get retail releases or future WA releases.

    It’s grown fast since Monday, then there were only 15 likes.

    The only concern is that I’m not sure average users can create their own wall posts in regards to asking questions.

  • Tom Clarke

    The raw scan is obviously a fake for the reasons that many have suggested – to make the ‘Left’ side of the video look better. I’m confused why WB have chosen to do this, since its obvious that the ‘Raw Scan’ image is far worse than anything released on home media, so why try to kid a supposedly mature audience that this product is aimed for?

    If they wanted to make a truthful comparison, then they should have simply used a scan from one of the episodes with the original Nitrate base. Either that, or a short which had lots of primary colours in it which could pop out.

  • Okay, okay, I’ve “liked” the page and even played the games and left the comments. And I’ll keep biting until *ALL* classic cartoons are finally dusted off, shined up and released…and I’m talking about a truly deep dig this time!