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WEDNESDAY: June Foray and Keith Scott on Stu’s Show

I will be joining Stuart Shostak as co-host this Wednesday (5/20) on his live internet-radio broadcast of Stu’s Show. Our guests will be cartoon voice actor (Bullwinkle) and animation historian (The Moose That Roared) Keith Scott and the first lady of animation, June Foray. We will be asking June about her extrodinary career, and asking both about working for Jay Ward. Keith is also an expert on voice actors in classic animation – the subject of his next book – and I hope to squeeze in a question about his ongoing research. The two-hour show will be live on Wednesday and we intend to take phone calls from listeners. It’s broadcast from 7pm to 9pm East Coast Time and 4pm to 6pm on the West Coast. The show is not archived – you cannot download it later – but you can listen to a rebroadcast everyday the following week (Thursday through next Tuesday) at the same times.

I expect to barely get a word in edgewise – but I’m not too worried. I will be back as a solo guest on Stu’s Show in three weeks (June 10th), when I will discuss classic cartoons and forthcoming DVDs. For now, Click Here to listen!

  • Kliph

    For the life of me, I can not understand why Stu still doesn’t offer his show as a podcast.

  • William

    Why, in this day and age, isn’t everything archived? Especially when interviewing veterans like Ms. Foray?

    Can’t wait to hear about third/fourth quarter DVDs!

  • Jay Sabicer

    >For the life of me, I can not understand why Stu still doesn’t offer his show as a podcast.

    Advertising, mainly. If you have it as a recording, you can easily speed through (read: ignore) the commercials. I believe he has agreements with his sponsors to a non-storage/podcast clause. Also, I think it releases him of some extra fees he’d have to deal with ASCAP on musical properties on his other shows, which are primarily music.

  • You’re not going to talk about DVD’s until June 10th?

    I really want to hear what cartoons on Popeye volume 4 will exist with the front-and-end original Paramount titles and which openings/closings died of nitrate deterioration (let’s hope none did).

    And you’re not going to talk about how the Saturday Morning Boxset went and plans for Huckelberry Hound?

    Jay Ward is a great studio for its type of animation, but come on! It would be nice to begin with a little variety for tommorow’s show, then talk Ward.

  • > I believe he has agreements with his sponsors to a non-storage /podcast clause.

    Plus he offers archived broadcasts on CD for $4.95:!ORDERID!

  • Dan McCormick

    Suh-weet!!! For the last week, I’ve been revisiting a lot of Bullwinkle. I even came across an old videotape of the NBC-era “Rocky Show” episodes (the ones with the calliope intros). I sure wish somebody would work on getting those on DVD, but I expect I’ll have to hunt down the 16mm films instead (just like I did with Hoppity Hooper!)

  • Jeff Nichols

    Personally kicking myself for not remembering this, even when I had the time to listen to it. At least I noiw know I can listen via itunes.

  • Dan McCormick

    Anyone have a better link to purchase the archived broadcasts? Steve’s link didn’t work for me, and I couldn’t find any mention of it on the front page of the Shokus Video site.

    Missed the live broadcast, but I recorded the Thursday repeat. If you have an app like Total Recorder, Audio Hijack, or Wiretap, you can record the output. Glad I did, because Keith Scott blew me away with his recording outtakes. WOW!!!

    That reminds me that I’m still sitting on an acetate disc of the voice-track from the Laundry-Man episode of “Super Chicken”. I’ve been meaning to find a safe way to capture the audio for a decade now, but given that the episode made it to DVD, there seems little point in trying to do so. It’d probably be cost-prohibitive, and those acetate discs weren’t made to play much more than a handful of times.