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‘Finding Dory’ Director Andrew Stanton to Direct ‘Stranger Things’ Season 2 Episodes

The second season of Netflix’s hit series Stranger Things is getting some help from a Pixar stalwart, Finding Dory and Wall-E director Andrew Stanton.

Stanton has signed on to direct episodes 5 and 6 of the upcoming season, which will debut on Halloween. “Andrew called me out of the blue and said, ‘I love it. I would be honored to be part of it,’” Stranger Things executive producer Shawn Levy told Entertainment Weekly.

Levy, director of films like Night at the Museum and Cheaper by the Dozen, will helm episodes 3 and 4, while Stranger Things creators, the Duffer Brothers, will direct episodes 1, 2, 8, and 9. Rebecca Thomas (Electrick Children) is set to direct the seventh episode.

Stanton’s last foray into live-action filmmaking, the Disney tentpole John Carter, resulted in a $200 million writedown for the studio.

  • Anonymous

    I cant believe you did that photo to illustrate the news.

    • KW

      Hahah, I cant tell if you’re upset by it or not

  • Metlow Rovenstein

    Good luck, Stanton, on your new job!

  • CountvonCount

    You know your a skilled director when you can beautifully direct both live action and animated films.

    • RCooke

      Well he’s co- directed 3 cartoons, directed one solo–all hits . And directed the biggest financial flop, and one of the worst received movies in box office history–john carter. A film even the head of Pixar once said was a complete mess.

      • natef

        It flopped pretty badly at the box office but calling it “worst received in history” is a big stretch, certainly compared to Michael Bay movies.

      • CountvonCount

        True, but he’s still a good director. But even good directing can’t always save a bad movie.

      • KW

        Maybe I need a refresher but I dont remember hating John Carter at all. I thought it was a solid adventure movie, I just didnt see how that movie cost so much to make.

  • natef

    They do other stuff too. Stanton’s a leader on their “Braintrust” and evaluates other productions. Though directing a film does take a lot of time in its own right.

  • Nicolás M.


  • Bob

    Hopefully he’s learned a little humility since John carter… making snide comments on set like, “is just me or do animation guys know live action better than the live action guys do?” Or telling interns at Pixar they will never meet a better story guy in their lives because he’s the best ever. Only to create a massive flop that put Disney in the hole hundreds of millions of dollars. Eye roll. His time at Pixar isn’t a projection of genius but a reflection of the talented people around him who carried him. But yeah… hopefully with some humility came some learning which in turn will help deliver some solid episodes for stranger things.

    • Elsi Pote

      Well said Bob, I was more blunt in my comment about him, but you encapsulated my sentiment with a better prose.

    • Dave P

      have a source on that or are you just relaying somethig you heard through the grapevine?

      • Strong Enough

        its in a New Yorker article. look up andrew stanton new yorker

    • Hankenshift

      A better question here might be is why stanton working for the competition? Has Disney/Pixar had their fill of his “humility?”

  • KW

    I’ve always wondered that too. When there isnt a film for them to actively direct what is their day to day? I imagine its a lot of brainstorming about stories and working with concept artists to help visualize those stories, but other than that Im thinking the hours are pretty light overall.

    As far as pay goes Im guessing its salary with bonuses for a films performance or maybe a temporary bump in pay while a film is in full production then scales back after production is over? I have no basis for this, im just guessing.

    • Strong Enough

      yeah like Dan Scalon directs a film then isnt seen for years. you check IMDB and you dont see him credited for other work except senior creation team for one movie. does he get money just for sitting down , reviewing other projects for 30 minutes and thats it? lol i know they get paid salary and he clearly got promoted from just a storyboard position so he doesnt do boards anymore but what does he do all day for years when he doesnt have his own movie in development?