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DreamWorks Launching YouTube Kids Channel Called DreamWorksTV

During YouTube’s splashy Brandcast upfront event on Wednesday, DreamWorks announced the launch of DreamWorksTV, a new streaming children’s channel that will offer original animated and live-action programming, as well as vintage animation content.

Brian Robbins, the founder of AwesomenessTV, which DreamWorks acquired last year, is leading the DreamWorksTV initiative, and Birk Rawlings, former Nick v-p of animation development, is the channel’s head of animation.

DreamWorks will generate revenue by selling advertising on the channel, and could earn additional revenue by licensing the content to other streaming services and TV channels. DreamWorks’ Awesomeneness channel generated $4.1 million of revenue during the first 3 months of 2014, which amounts to only a tiny portion of the company’s overall first quarter revenue of $147.2 million. DreamWorks, however, clearly feels that there is a greater amount to be made, and the studio is investing in online video more aggressively than other animation studios. Further, with three of its last four features underperforming—the studio just reported a $57 million write-down on its latest weakling Mr. Peabody & Sherman—the studio needs to diversify beyond its core film business and establish other low-risk revenue streams.

The following video introduces the channel:

Below is the first episode in one of their original animated series called Jimmy Blue Shorts created by Zachary Aufdemberg:

Other series include Fifi: Cat Therapist created by Mike Blum:

Gorillaville created by Ron Yavnieli:

Public Pool created by David Fremont:

The channel will also feature live-action shows, brief daily snippets with characters from films like Puss in Boots and Kung Fu Panda, and “retro-toons” from the DreamWorks Classics (formerly Classic Media) library, including He-Man, Rocky & Bullwinkle, Roger Ramjet, and Casper. They created an additional trailer to announce the older cartoons:

  • JWLane

    Nice, I can visit my old friend Boris Badenov.

  • Roberto del Corazõn

    Is it me or the whole of this stuff looks truly amateurish ?

  • Rufus

    To be honest, this seems like an April fools joke. But it’s May.
    These new ‘cartoons’ look just plain awful. No two ways about it.
    They look like they came from 10 year olds with AfterEffects skills.
    And don’t get me started on that barf-fest of a logo.

    DWA is falling apart at the seams. But it’s no surprise – they never had a sustainable business model.

    • Funkybat

      I would say it looks like Fox’s ADHD, but for kids. But no, the ADHD stuff looks a lot more interesting visually.

      I was hoping for something more polished, even if it were just 30-60 second shorts. “Turbo FAST” set my bar for Dreamworks TV higher than this.

      • TurboFast was produced at Titmouse though, Dreamworks just paid for it. Titmouse is like…what, the best 2D studio operating in the US right now? So yeah, that’s a high bar.

  • Ad

    This isn’t real is it?!
    When they’ve got to contend with Cartoon Hangover (to name another channel,) THIS is what they generate?

    Dreamworks… more like FEVER-Dreamworks!
    (I will show myself out)

  • Alex Dudley

    I hope they’re open to people pitching new cartoons. I know a lot of people who would jump to the chance.

    • Woof.

      Have you clicked on the movie links above? They’re obviously open to ANYBODY doing new cartoons.

  • Casey Billadeau

    I’m really disappointed with this. Everything seems to be either low quality (in terms of art and writing) flash animations from Newgrounds or boring, poorly mocaped shorts living off the success of their popular IPs. If the quality control doesn’t go up I can’t see this working out too well.

  • Pedro Nakama

    Nothing new here. Flash Animation and some kids horsing around. Reminds me of Nickelodeon.

  • DangerMaus

    I thought I’d never see the day where I would think that He-Man and She-Ra would represent “quality” animated TV fare………until now that is. LOL

  • Danan

    You would think they could invest in a higher animation budget at least?

  • justastudent

    They’re really letting themselves go…and I thought Shrek was bad enough

  • tonguestubble

    There’s a nasty legacy from shows where cheap animation seemed to work along side good writing, and these flash things here are it. The creators think that as long as plots are weird enough or the writing “sparkles” it doesn’t matter if the animation and overall art direction suck donkey balls. What’s worse is when they deliberately set out to make awful, awkward looking stuff because they think it adds to the humour if it looks extra crappy. There’s an art to doing that and old Jimmy Blue Shorts just fucks it right up.

  • nevilleross

    Let’s hope not-those shows have been rerun to death (and all or most of them are on DVD to boot anyway.) Dreamworks should have set up a separate channel called Dreamworks Classics and show He-Man and whatnot there instead of here on this one.