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The Story Behind “The Big Story”

When DreamWorks story artist Dave Derrick was a student at CalArts in the early-2000s, one of the shorts that influenced him was Tim Watts and David Stoten’s BAFTA-winning, Oscar-nominated The Big Story. Derrick recently met Watts and took the opportunity to interview him about the film, his work on the Spitting Image TV show, and find out why Watts and Stoten animated the film twice—once hand-drawn and again in stop motion. Read the Tim Watts interview on Derrick’s website.

  • M.R. Horhager

    I have never seen that short before… IT WAS AWESOME!

    • Chris Sobieniak

      I had many times, it was excellent and should’ve been awarded that Oscar!

      • Matt Jones

        I think the equally wonderful ‘Bob’s Birthday’ by Snowden & Fine won that year

        • Chris Sobieniak

          It did, both were fine films and thanks for reminding me of that one!

  • Matt Jones

    I too was hugely influenced by Tim & Dave’s film at college- back in 1995 when it was released. Probably watched it once a day at animation school for inspiration. It was a pleasure to meet these 2 superb artists later in the commercial world in London. Two of the best artists in the industry- incredible sculptors & draughtsmen. I recently screened ‘The Big Story’ at work for the benefit of my colleagues- some hadn’t seen it before.

  • jordan reichek

    pretty wonderful!

  • GW

    These are the only caricatures I’ve ever seen in animation that are more interesting, at least on first glance, than the person caricatured. Are there any more good caricatures in stop motion shorts besides this and The Great Cognito?

  • Jorge Verdugo

    awesome design and acting