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“Saari” Creators Distribute Their TV Show Through An iPad APp

A few years ago, I offered praise for a Spanish preschool series called Saari, created by Veronica Lassenius and directed by Pablo Jordi. Unfortunately, the show wasn’t easily viewable in many regions. Lassenius and Jordi, who are wife-and-husband, have solved that problem by releasing a new Saari app for iPads and iPhones to distribute episodes of their show.

The app, produced through their Helsinki-based company Pikkukala, is free and offers a new episode every two weeks. For those who wish to watch more episodes, episode packs can be purchased and downloaded for offline viewing. Visit Apple’s App Store to download Saari TV.

  • somethingsavage

    This is really great. I’m curious how it works if the show was funded by the network, do they have to share profits from the app with them? I wonder if it’s worth it to skip the network and release direct to app. Can’t wait to check out the more interactive apps they release in the future.

    • pablo jordi

      Thank you! I cannot comment that in detail but animation series can be expensive to produce so network money is welcome :-). Saari was produced with the support of Televisió de Catalunya which not only funded but also helped us in different ways. They have been supporting independent animation series for many years, so we love them :-). We are now working on interactive storybooks with the characters from Saari, will give some news about it soon.

  • pablo jordi

    Thanks Yoram. We really appreciate it!