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Betty Boop and Bimbo Go CGI for iOS Game

It’s been a busy stretch for the Thirties Fleischer cartoon star Betty Boop. First, she got her own paper towel in Turkey, and now, Winnipeg, Canada-based Fowl Moon Studios has licensed the character for a new iOS game called Betty Boop Dance Card.

Describe as a “rhythm action game with card collecting and deck building elements,” the app will be released for iPhone and iPad in May. It will feature twenty original songs and the ability to play as Betty, Bimbo or the Old Man of the Mountain. Fowl Moon unveiled a new computer-animated trailer earlier this week to coincide with the Game Developers Conference:

  • Josh Batchelder

    Hmm that’s really interesting. Strange mix with songs/CGI/cards lol only time will tell if that’s a good combo.

  • It’s weird seeing these characters in CGI. But at least they didn’t try to tone down the sexuality of the titular character too much. Also, why does Bimbo sound vaguely like Mickey Mouse? If I recall correctly he’s always had more of a baritone voice than a soprano one.

    • Jonathan Wilson

      Bimbo’s original voice actor was Billy Murray, who was also a successful par time singer:

      I guess they decided that his voice should have a higher pitch or TRIED to sound closer to the original voice actor…

  • Kirby

    Ugh, Terrible. Reminds me of food fight.

  • Michel Van
    • Challey

      Who cares if you wont buy it others will.

  • Jack Rabbit

    I am just not in the mood for this kind of crap. Coming from an outfit like this, I see celluite in her future. At least we have the Olive Film restoration of the pre-Hayes code cartoons.

  • Pedro Nakama

    It was only a 1 minute, 16 second video but I’ll never get that time back.

  • Dave

    “She’s made of pen and ink … ” except she’s not .

  • A Stranger in the Alps

    If you’re gonna say “she’s made of pen and ink,” would it kill you to go the 2D route instead of going through the full emblandening procedures?

  • Sven

    doesn’t matter what she’s made of. In both ways Cg & traditional you can create great animation. But this is terrible

  • Roberto Gonzalez

    So this kinda mediocre translation of Betty Boop to CGI gets a neutral article but the quite faithful and creative Peanuts translation deserves a big rant, for some reason?

  • TJR

    A CGI Betty would be great to see if it was done well.